Ecology & environment

Cow looking at a camera

Spotting cows from space

Researchers use satellite imagery to track how cows and elk interact at the interface of wildland and rangeland.

Grapes in a vineyard

Could wildfires ruin our wine?

Researchers are racing to find ways to help California's iconic wine industry adapt to a changing climate, including drought and wildfire.

California canal

Could California put solar panels on top of canals?

Scientists at UC Merced and UC Santa Cruz are exploring a potential project to combine renewable energy with water conservation.

Volcano in Iceland erupting

Up close with Iceland’s new (and erupting) volcano

A geology professor witnesses the birth of Iceland’s newest volcano, which is still erupting.

Green crab face

When ‘eradicated’ species bounce back with a vengeance

Lessons from a failed experiment in removing invasive species mark a new way forward.

Life in the Ediacaran Sea

We’re surprisingly similar to Earth’s first animals, research says

Today’s humans share many genes with oceanic creatures missing heads.

Happy border collie mix-type dog looking at camera

Humanity’s best friend, even in a pandemic

Dogs’ highly evolved noses can rapidly detect the SARS-CoV-2 virus, research finds.

Kirin Suei demonstrating Sophie's BioNutrients

UC announces its 2021 Startup Innovation Challenge winners

Two UC-affiliated companies that focus on climate change solutions have won the 2021 UC Startup Innovation Challenge, while five others take home awards for social impact.

Woman in a garden

In an extraordinary year, an unwavering commitment to sustainability

Despite massive disruptions caused by the global pandemic, UC made significant progress in its efforts to combat climate change and build resilience across its campuses.

Beekeeper holding up rack filled with honeycomb and bees

Scientists developing new solutions for honeybee colony collapse

Bee researchers at four UC campuses will try to reverse the worldwide decline of this key pollinator, thanks to a new grant from the UC Office of the President.