Ecology & environment

Woolsey Fire

Is California ready for the wildfire season ahead?

Join UC experts on Friday, June 4, 2021, from 8:00 a.m. to noon, for a free symposium on wildfire research.

Koala laugh

Animals laugh, too

Sifting through studies on play behavior across species, researchers tracked vocalization patterns that show a strong similarity to human laughter.

Close-up cicada photo

Cicada explosion mystifies insect experts

The 17-year life cycle of this noisy insect is unique in the world.

Research vessel Sally Ride in the water

Seafloor survey finds thousands of barrels at DDT dumpsite off Los Angeles coast

The survey identified more than 27,000 targets with high confidence to be classified as a barrel, and an excess of 100,000 total debris objects on the seafloor.

Cat sitting at keyboard

Why your cat does these 6 things (according to science)

Some context for your cat’s actions (without lifting their veil of mystery).

Cloud from a wildfire over a hill near Santa Cruz

Wildfire smoke linked to skin disease in first-of-its-kind study

A new study suggests that the dangers posed by wildfire smoke may also extend to the largest organ in the human body: the skin.

Highway aerial view

How to decarbonize California transportation by 2045

A report to the state outlines policy pathways to meet the zero-carbon time crunch.

UC Irvine junior Neda Ibrahim

The environmental justice league

UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative student fellow Neda Ibrahim establishes a campus collective focused on community-driven, equity-based climate solutions.

Tracey Osborne

New UC Center for Climate Justice launches

The new center seeks not only to address the root causes of climate change, but also the broad range of associated social, racial and environmental injustices.

T. Rexes together, millions of years ago, illustration

How many T. rexes were there? Billions.

Paging your inner child: Paleontologists conclude 20,000 T. rexes roamed North America at any given time.