Ecology & environment

A city bakes through a heat wave

Poor and minority communities suffer more from extreme heat in U.S. cities

Excess urban heat is common within cities, but not all communities burden the consequences equally.

A brown pelican, sea behind it

Detecting wildlife illness and death with new early alert system

Network of wildlife rehabilitation organizations helps track emerging threats.

Person in landfill with birds flying over

Holding world leaders accountable for environmental destruction

“Ecocide” is an evolving legal term — now with new international heft.

Researcher using a blow torch on a block

Can we fireproof our houses?

Michele Barbato is looking in unexpected places for ways to build affordable homes that can handle disaster, including wildfires.

A smokestack plant emitting CO2

Can we remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere?

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is higher than its been for millions of years. A technique called direct air capture could help.

V. Ramanathan and the Asahi Blue Planet Prize

Climate scientist awarded prestigious 'Blue Planet' global prize

Renowned atmospheric scientist Veerabhadran Ramanathan's many contributions include the discovery of the super-greenhouse effect of chlorofluorocarbons.

Berkeley Lab scientists Brett Helms and Corinne Scown hold samples of PDK plastic, a unique new material that can be recycled indefinitely

The story behind our infinitely recyclable plastic

Berkeley Lab scientists are solving the practical and environmental problems of traditional plastics.

Fauci, a young peregrin falcon, takes flight

Three in a row: Falcon brothers are learning to fly

All three of the campus’s newest peregrine falcons — male triplets born in April — are in flight school.

Firefighters battling the August Complex

UC experts convene to discuss innovative solutions to California’s wildfires

The research symposium focused on enhancing the state’s resiliency to wildfire, extreme drought, and climate change.

Glasses of water next to each other

A new way to remove salts and toxic metals from water

Desalination can help meet growing water needs globally, but current techniques are limited. A new approach holds promise.