Ecology & environment

Pile of honeybees

The ‘bee safe’ pesticide that isn’t

Sivanto poses a range of threats to honeybees, depending on seasonality, bee age and use with common chemicals.

Artist's drawing of the tidal wave created by a massive meteor strike 66 million years ago.

66 million-year-old deathbed linked to dinosaur-killing meteor

Researchers have found an unprecedented fossil site that tells the story of Earth’s last mass extinction event.

Cat playing with a food puzzle

Study finds nearly a third of cat owners use food puzzles

Why your pet might thank you for trying them.

Woman in polka dot dress standing with bike at bike rack

Are you part of the ‘Coolest UC Campus’?

Help your school win the title of ‘coolest’ by signing up for the April 1-26 Cool Campus Challenge.

Mountain lion in Southern California, city in the background

Local extinction of Southern California mountain lions possible within 50 years

Conservation strategies focused on connectivity and coexistence could help preserve the population.

Carl Cranor with his books

What’s in your drinking water?

Carl Cranor doesn't just want you to know — he wants to empower you to do something about it.

A trevally baitball

Warm seas scatter fish

Climate change is shifting productivity of fisheries worldwide.

Struggling to walk in slanting rain

How quickly we normalize extreme weather

Two billion tweets provide a glimpse into how we perceive our changing climate.

Butterfly on a flower

How scientists pack butterflies, frogs and sea turtles for the bumpy road

Three scientists explain how they keep threatened species safe on their way to new habitats.

A golden retriever jumps in a pond

Dogs on some popular, grain-free diets could be at risk of heart disease

Trendy dog food formulations lacking in some nutritional elements can bring about unintended harm to your pets.