young students

UC alumni fill Teach for America's 2015 ranks

Nearly 200 of Teach for America's current crop of teachers hail from UCLA, Berkeley, Santa Barbara and San Diego.

Founders of Cowell College, UC Santa Cruz

Tearing down the walls

Pioneering professors and staff at the fledgeling UC Santa Cruz campus challenged convention and traditional academics — helping to reform American higher education.

students walking on UC Merced campus

Campus enters second decade poised for growth

UC’s newest campus approaches its 10th anniversary with record student enrollment, ambitious plans for expansion, and a spirit of determination.

engineering student

UC partnership with HBCUs gives students a taste of grad school

As universities nationally struggle to recruit more diverse students to their graduate programs, one innovative UC effort is having noteworthy results.

UC San Diego students

UC San Diego participates in Coursera Global Skills Initiative

Qualcomm Institute and San Diego Supercomputer Center online courses have goal to advance access to job-relevant skills around the world.

Game of Thrones

'Game of Thrones,' a class unto itself

UC Berkeley summer session course explores what show may be saying about democracy, climate change and corruption of the American Dream.

grads toss their mortarboards

Half of new UC students are first-generation college students

New data in UC's annual Accountability Report show the university’s widespread impact as an engine of social mobility, innovation.

tiger and girl playing piano

Declawing the ‘tiger mom’

Sociologists debunk idea that Asian American academic achievement is due to unique cultural traits or values.
Edith Issakhanian explains assignment to Bryan Lima

Partnership makes algebra accessible north and south of the border

Online bilingual instruction is aligned with Mexican school requirements and Common Core, to help teachers keep immigrant students on track with math learning

Minority children underrepresented in special ed

Findings contradict prior research, public perception, and federal legislation and policies.