Low-income students in high-performing schools less likely to engage in risky behaviors

A new UCLA-led study suggests that a higher quality educational environment may help improve health outcomes.
Keith Watenpaugh and Kurdish students

Syrian war producing ‘lost generation’ of college-age students

“The war will end but the young people who would be integral in rebuilding the country are being left behind.”
students around laptop

UC's Scout gives all students access to a college prep curriculum

By creating free, state-of-the-art online courses, program offers students new options for completing a curriculum that will make them eligible and competitive for college.
UCSD students - Teach for America

Dozens of students join Teach for America

Record-breaking 37 students prepare to teach in underserved classrooms across the U.S.
Nailah Seale and Daril Brown

Faculty inspire Howard grads to pursue Ph.D. at UC San Diego

Bioengineers were among first members of UC San Diego Howard Partnership for Graduate Student Success.

UC Berkeley

Aiming to be a small world after all

Berkeley Connect is Cal’s plan to shrink a big, impersonal campus and reintroduce elements of the small liberal arts college experience.
philosopher illustration

Philosophy's popularity soars

Discipline's devotees find it’s more than ‘an interesting path to poverty.’
Jonas Salk

New home for Jonas Salk's papers

Family of polio vaccine pioneer donates personal papers to the UC San Diego library.

What would Buddha do, economically speaking?

After students expressed discontent with the traditional economic model and a pervasive 'more is better' philosophy, professor Clair Brown developed a new sophomore seminar featuring Buddhist economics.

Grad students, Napolitano showcase value of doctoral research

Students, administrators will visit Sacramento lawmakers to push for additional support for graduate research.