UC Irvine bacteria

A new approach to treating intestinal inflammation

New research shows how microbes can play a part in stopping bacteria that cause food poisoning.

Mexico's soda tax could reduce diabetes, heart disease and health costs

International study finds that Mexico's soda tax could save approximately $1 billion in direct health care costs over next decade.

UC San Diego climate warrior

Creating a new kind of climate warrior

Researchers help rural women in India improve health and slow global warming through clean cookstove use.

Fresno’s ABC 30 interviews John Adaska, branch chief at the new lab.

New animal health-food safety lab dedicated

Lab devoted to protecting farm animals, the food supply and the public against new and emerging diseases.

UC apples doughnuts

How to break the junk food habit

Sugar may be addictive, but you can break free.

The Alex A. Ardans Tulare Branch Laboratory System.

New diagnostic lab to be dedicated in California's ag heartland

Lab devoted to protecting farm animals, the food supply and the public against new and emerging diseases.

Soda not only is made up empty calories, but it also provides no beneficial nutrient intake whatsoever, said UCLA’s Dana Hunnes.

Do soda taxes help curb obesity?

UCLA dietitians weigh in.

The center focuses on improving the health and safety of farmers and farmworkers like these shown harvesting a lettuce field.

UC Davis center receives $10M to continue improving ag health and safety

Center provides practical solutions for farmers, farmworkers and communities.

As part of its commitment to fighting hunger, UC Irvine will supplement its year-old food pantry stocked with nonperishable goods for students in need with free, monthly farmers markets that allow access to fresh produce.

UC students build awareness about campus food resources

Food Day activities highlight campus resources available to ensure food security for UC students.

The South American palm Weevil has recently spread to San Diego County.

Is Palmageddon coming to California?

Symposium set for Oct. 26 to talk about an invasive weevil that threatens California's palm trees.