Stacy Philpott

Grant awarded to study sustainable practices for urban agriculture

UC Santa Cruz environmental studies professor Stacy Philpott will lead the research.

American Studies major Esperanza Campos, holding son Mauricio Ferrer, says the Cal Nourish gift cards “make a lot of difference” to student parents.

Holiday help wanted: meals for students

Cal Nourish program helps fill need.

A group of communeros, or villagers, from Jachacachi, Peru, help excavate the site where evidence of potato domestication was found.

Researchers trace roots of potato farming to Andes

High-altitude archaeology uncovers earliest evidence of potato consumption.

Sophie Egan is the author of “Devoured: From Chicken Wings to Kale Smoothies – How What We Eat Defines Who We Are.”

A nation of snackers

Author Sophie Egan, a UC Berkeley alum, explores American food culture.

Asa Bradman, associate professor of Environmental Health Science at the UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Asa Bradman appointed to National Organics Standards Board

UC Berkeley associate professor of environmental health science joins 15-member advisory board.

UC Pumpkin Pie

The science of savoring every bite

UC experts offer tips on making the most of your holiday meal.

UC Berkeley green leaves

Crop yield gets boost with modified genes in photosynthesis

Researchers increase plant proteins that result in more efficient use of sunlight.

Some species of seabirds, including blue petrels, are particularly vulnerable to eating plastic debris at sea.

Why do seabirds eat plastic? The answer stinks

Marine plastic debris is an olfactory trap for seabirds.

UC Irvine bacteria

A new approach to treating intestinal inflammation

New research shows how microbes can play a part in stopping bacteria that cause food poisoning.

Mexico's soda tax could reduce diabetes, heart disease and health costs

International study finds that Mexico's soda tax could save approximately $1 billion in direct health care costs over next decade.