silhouetted students

A visionary, a genius, and the human genome

In 2000, two dogged researchers defied the odds to become the first in the world to assemble the DNA sequence of the human genome.
Bacteria illustration

Scientists devise molecular 'lock and key' to control GMOs

Bioengineers 'put ignition switch onto a handful of the bacteria’s essential genes' to prevent their accidental escape.

Cause found for black-and-white vision disorder

Gene mutation strips color from sight and causes near-blinding sensitivity to bright light.
Jennifer Doudna and Lorenz Mayr

Berkeley's Jennifer Doudna among Time magazine’s 100 most influential people

Doudna has received numerous honors and awards for her discovery of a revolutionary DNA-editing technique that has upended the world of genetics.

Scientists call for caution in using DNA-editing technology

Its ease and effectiveness may prompt physicians to use the technology before its safety can be assessed.

When birds lost their teeth

About 116 million years ago, birds lost their choppers — joining other toothless creatures such as turtles and some mammals.
traffic-heart illustration

Traffic jams can hurt the heart

Clogged interstates aggravate clogged arteries, according to research by a UC Irvine graduate student.

3 UC scholars win Breakthrough Prizes

UC Berkeley and Berkeley Lab's Jennifer Doudna and Saul Perlmutter, and UCLA mathematician Terence Tao share $3 million awards.
best friends

Friends are the family you choose

You and your friends have a lot in common — including genes, according to a genome-wide analysis.

Extinct human cousin gave Tibetans advantage at high elevation

Common ancestors of Han Chinese and Tibetans interbred with a mysterious human-like group and picked up a unique gene variant that later helped them adapt to a low-oxygen environment.