Syrup contains fructose, which alters brain genes linked to many diseases, UCLA life scientists report.

Fructose alters hundreds of brain genes, which can lead to range of diseases

UCLA scientists report that diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids can reverse the damage.

The curiosity and controversy over GMOs: Q&A with Ted Parson

UCLA professor of environmental law will moderate a panel discussion on the environmental, social and health impacts of GMO foods.

A sampling of the diversity of corn found in Southern California urban gardens.

Spreading seeds by human migration

Researchers find corn grown in home and community gardens by immigrant farmers is more genetically diverse than what can be purchased commercially.

UC Davis autism cancer

Cancer gene twice as likely to be defective in children with autism

A tumor suppressor is found missing in many autistic children and their fathers by UC Davis researchers.

UC Santa Cruz pediatric cancer

Building a ladder to a cure

UC Santa Cruz researchers open a new front in the treatment of pediatric cancer.

Kent Bradford, left, and Alfred Huo, seen here with a flowering lettuce plant, found that lettuce could be prevented from flowering by increasing the expression of a specific microRNA in the plants. The high levels of this microRNA prevent the plant from

Gene blocking lettuce germination also regulates flowering time

Discovery could be crucial for adapting to climate change.

Anthony James UC Irvine mosquito research

Stopping malaria … one mosquito at a time

UC Irvine and UC San Diego scientists have found a way to curb mosquito-borne diseases - possibly including Zika.

Depression chemicals UC Davis study

Chemical discovered at UC Davis may be new tool for depression therapy

Pretreatment with soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitor found to prevent the onset of depressionlike behaviors in mice.

UC Merced Fabian Filipp

UC Merced researchers identify drug that could treat melanoma

Scientists discover a genetic activation among patients with skin cancer that could be suppressed by a new drug.

Joe Biden UC San Francisco

Biden advances national cancer moonshot at UC San Francisco

The vice president meets with UC Berkeley and UCSF experts to discuss accelerating research and clinical trials.