UC ANR mosquito

UC leads Zika carrier research

Scientists aren't waiting for the first breakout to ready the state against disease.

UC Davis banana

Genome sequencing may help avert banana armageddon

A potential solution to a fungal disease that could wipe out the staple crop in less than a decade.

Capuchin monkey UCLA

15 national treasures and the UCLA scientists working to save them

Experts from a variety of fields are developing new knowledge to help save these creatures.

UC Davis bulldog

English bulldog’s gene pool may be too small to heal the breed

Researchers find trouble lurking within the DNA of the iconic dog.


Countdown to a cure: UCSF's effort to finally defeat AIDS

Spurred by three decades of momentum and fresh funding, new tactics aim at ending - not just treating - the disease.

Yi Xing breast cancer

Scientists find biomarkers that could drive better cancer survival estimates

UCLA research may also help scientists suppress dangerous genetic sequences.

Researchers discovered that a variant of a gene called DRD2 could predispose people of Asian descent to crave certain types of food.

Some Asian Americans are predisposed to want more carbs

UCLA research could point toward strategy for combating rapidly increasing obesity rate among those of Asian descent.

UCSF cirrhosis to healthy liver cells

Researchers convert cirrhosis-causing cells to healthy liver cells in mice

New approach led by UCSF that repairs liver from within may be more efficient than cell transplants.

UC Santa Barbara brain power

A switch for brain growth found

UC Santa Barbara and UCSF scientists find a gene responsible for our unique cerebral cortex.

UC San Diego algae biofuel

UC San Diego’s algae biofuels program ranked best in nation

An algae surfboard and work on gasoline alternatives help the campus win for the fourth year in a row.