Graduate students

Grad Slam 2017

Grad students compete to keep it simple

Grad Slam builds students' communication skills while offering the public a window into groundbreaking research.

UC Berkeley 3-D printing

As 3-D printing grows, so does need to reclaim plastic waste

Two UC Berkeley undergrads work out first-of-its-kind recycling infrastructure on campus.

UC Irvine signal generator

New 'super-smart' processing technology developed

Millimeter-wave signal generator could revolutionize scanning, spectroscopy and wireless communication.

Sal Parsa UC Berkeley

From Herat to Haas, Afghan student finds a new life

Once a young man growing up under the Taliban, Sal Parsa is now an aspiring entrepreneur.

UC Santa Cruz Klingon

From Klingon to Dothraki: Understanding invented languages

Students will explore why people make up new dialects.

UC Berkeley time crystals

Scientists unveil new form of matter: Time crystals

UC Berkeley and UC Santa Barbara are helping to rewrite the laws of physics.

UC Santa Barbara FOMO

Fear of missing out?

FOMO no more with this student-developed app that helps you know where to go.

UC Riverside materials

New program fights learning inequality

UC Riverside students, faculty and librarians push back against rising textbook costs.

UC Irvine scars natural healing

UC Irvine study reveals natural process for scar-free healing

New discoveries about skin regeneration could also have anti-aging applications.

UC San Diego endangered sea turtles

Signs of hope for endangered sea turtles in new study

New research will help scientists put together a more effective conservation plan.