UC Santa Barbara families

What’s in a name?

A UC Santa Barbara professor pursues a history of immigration's transformations.

UC Santa Barbara Frankenstein

Not just 'Frankenstein'

A UC Santa Barbara scholar shares her insights about the author behind one of the 19th century's famous works.

Other Minds UC Santa Cruz

Other Minds donates archives to UC Santa Cruz

Music organization provides nearly 70 years of cutting-edge composer recordings, programs, and more.

UC Merced biodiversity

UC Merced study shows early human impacts on biodiversity

Scientists show that even apart from industrialization, humans can - and do - impact ecosystems dramatically.

UCLA Jackie Robinson monument

Jackie Robinson's number 42 lives on at UCLA

Campus dedicates a monument to the groundbreaking alum, whose number has been retired in all sports.

UC Santa Barbara Shinto

Shinto tradition to reach a new set of readers

UC Santa Barbara scholar creates the world's first book series outside of Japan on the Shinto tradition.

Handel discovery UC Berkeley

Handel scholar discovers new cantata by a Baroque master

A UC Berkeley professor investigates an old manuscript and finds a new composition, to be conducted this spring.

UC Santa Barbara Nepal

Life imitates art

UC Santa Barbara theater professor works in Nepal to help produce the first-ever opera to debut in the country.

UCLA Casanova

Casanova was more than a good lover, says UCLA professor

A fuller view of a man who lived life as a writer, gambler, mathematician, and of course, seducer.

Harper Lee UCLA recording

UCLA Library releases audio of rare Harper Lee radio interview

The only known recording of the famous novelist discussing "To Kill a Mockingbird" reaches the public.