Obama UC Berkeley

Through the lens of hope: Obama’s videographer debriefs

The UC Berkeley alum who brought us some of the White House's most informal moments reflects on her remarkable job.

Mayan city UC Santa Barbara

Unearthing an ancient city

A modern-day Indiana Jones works to preserve the legacy of a Mayan city in a new film.

UCLA Herzog

New Werner Herzog film follows internet from its birth at UCLA

Professor gives "Lo and Behold" its title and a look at the origins of our hyper-connected society.

Cleveland UC Santa Barbara

What 19th century politics can teach us about today

Scholars see echoes of the past in the ways gridlock, inequality and technology are influencing the current election.

Sketches of the secret histories of America

Students tell the secret history of America on Medium

A professor challenges students to share alternative stories of life in America.

UC Santa Cruz Gail Project

A world without the humanities

A UC Santa Barbara project, 4Humanities, draws attention to the importance of liberal arts in novel ways.

UC Santa Cruz bison fossils

Ice age bison fossils shed light on early human migrations in North America

Evidence analyzed by UC Santa Cruz researchers establish when an ice-free corridor opened in the Rocky Mountains.

UCLA building ancient manuscripts

UCLA to offer digital images of rare ancient manuscripts in Egypt

Project will preserve materials critically important to our understanding of Middle East history.

UC-Mexico Initiative

Preservation of Spanish missions in California and Mexico examined

UC-Mexico Initiative based at UC Riverside launches with binational summit.

UC Santa Cruz slave voyages

UC Santa Cruz professor to create new public database about the slave trade

UC Irvine also contributes research to visualizing its massive scale.