Urkesh palace

Exhibition in war-torn Syria celebrates UCLA archaeological discovery

While war rages in Syria, that country's people can still experience the culture and history of the region’s Mesopotamian roots through an exhibit made possible by a Kurdish nonprofit organization and UCLA archaeologist Giorgio Buccellati.

Lunar New Year origins, customs explained

UC Irvine expert explains the history behind celebrations of the Asian holiday.
UCLA alumni Rabbi Philip Posner, Robert Farrell, Helen Singleton and Robert Singleton

A salute to UCLA Freedom Riders and their history-making journey

Sixteen civil rights activists — all UCLA alumni — challenged segregation in the South in 1961 as Freedom Riders.
Eric Ederer plays the oud

Echoes of the Ottoman Empire

UC Santa Barbara Library acquires a sizable collection of classical Turkish music recorded from the early to mid-20th century.
Kathryn Morgan

Exploiting sports triumphs for political gain a classic tale, scholar demonstrates

Victories at chariot races brought ambitious ruler fame in fifth century B.C.
UCSC sign

UC Santa Cruz turns 50 — a bold experiment realized

Campus begins yearlong celebration of its trailblazing history and groundbreaking impact on the world.
TB sanatorium

Scourge of the city

UCSF's battle with tuberculosis is woven into San Francisco’s history, from its early public health partnership with SF General Hospital to the research and training that have led to a global attack on the disease.
Joshua Bloom

Doctoral candidate wins American Book Award

Prize goes to Joshua Bloom and co-author Waldo Martin of UC Berkeley for 'Black Against Empire,' acclaimed history of the Black Panthers.
Kara Cooney

Egyptologist gives new life to female pharaoh

No usurper, Hatshepsut was just really good at her job, according to new biography.
Yosemite National Park

Berkeley and the making of Yosemite

Digital book brings to life the revered national park that's marking its 150th anniversary.