UC Santa Barbara Nepal

Life imitates art

UC Santa Barbara theater professor works in Nepal to help produce the first-ever opera to debut in the country.

UCLA Casanova

Casanova was more than a good lover, says UCLA professor

A fuller view of a man who lived life as a writer, gambler, mathematician, and of course, seducer.

Harper Lee UCLA recording

UCLA Library releases audio of rare Harper Lee radio interview

The only known recording of the famous novelist discussing "To Kill a Mockingbird" reaches the public.

Professor Arturo Arias UC Merced

Two UC Merced professors named campus's first MacArthur Chairs

Internationally recognized scholars granted the opportunity to pursue new horizons in humanities research.

UC Santa Cruz library photography

Endangered species: American public libraries

UC Santa Cruz alumnus spends 21 years documenting 526 of the nation’s public libraries.

Mystic Ark

UC Riverside professor receives highest medievalist honor

Professor of medieval art history Conrad Rudolph named a Fellow of The Medieval Academy of America.

Social media archiving

Documenting the now: archiving social media for generations to come

UC Riverside helps develop a Mellon-supported app to preserve social media activity during significant events.

As part of their community engagement campaign to counter extremism, students designed stylish merchandise to get their message out.

UCLA students seek to counter extremism in public diplomacy course

“Safe Spot” campaign's goal is to undermine recruiting tactics of the Islamic State group by using the Internet to foster acceptance and community.

Mme Delait, bearded lady of Plombieres

Whiskers and locks: reading U.S. history through hair

From bearded lady acts to the Victorian practice of hair collecting, grad student Sarah Gold McBride is teasing out the meaning of hair in 19th-century America, and how it reveals evolving ideas about race and gender.

simulated image of 1893 Chicago World's Fair

World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893 comes alive on computer screens

Modeling expert lets viewers marvel at Chicago World’s Fair that drew 27 million people from around the world.