UCLA building ancient manuscripts

UCLA to offer digital images of rare ancient manuscripts in Egypt

Project will preserve materials critically important to our understanding of Middle East history.

UC-Mexico Initiative

Preservation of Spanish missions in California and Mexico examined

UC-Mexico Initiative based at UC Riverside launches with binational summit.

UC Santa Cruz slave voyages

UC Santa Cruz professor to create new public database about the slave trade

UC Irvine also contributes research to visualizing its massive scale.

Project RECOVER UC San Diego

Downed WWII aircraft located in the Pacific with help from UC San Diego

As many as 80 servicemen missing in action found by Project RECOVER's use of advanced oceanographic tools.

UCLA freshman survey

How freshmen have changed in the past 50 years

Over the course of a 15 million student survey, a UCLA professor finds reasons for optimism.

The Man in the Iron Mask UC Santa Barbara

Mystery unmasked

UC Santa Barbara historian solves 17th-century case of The Man in the Iron Mask.

UC Santa Barbara families

What’s in a name?

A UC Santa Barbara professor pursues a history of immigration's transformations.

UC Santa Barbara Frankenstein

Not just 'Frankenstein'

A UC Santa Barbara scholar shares her insights about the author behind one of the 19th century's famous works.

Other Minds UC Santa Cruz

Other Minds donates archives to UC Santa Cruz

Music organization provides nearly 70 years of cutting-edge composer recordings, programs, and more.

UC Merced biodiversity

UC Merced study shows early human impacts on biodiversity

Scientists show that even apart from industrialization, humans can - and do - impact ecosystems dramatically.