Three institutions join forces to seed transformative brain research

UC Berkeley, UCSF and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab have decided to invest in high-risk, high-gain projects that could jump-start our understanding of the brain.
human brain

Brain 'dimmer switch' influences mood disorders

Researchers pinpoint control mechanism for an area of the brain that processes sensory and emotive information that humans experience as “disappointment.”
Brain scans: with (left) and without obstructive sleep apnea

More proof that sleep apnea hurts the brain

Weaker blood flow to the brain results from the disorder.
VE-HuNT screenshot

Virtual reality guides those whose memory is failing

Navigation system helps diagnose, monitor and train patients with cognitive decline.

This is your brain on drugs

With a $1 million award from the Keck Foundation, scientists at UC Santa Barbara will research who could be more vulnerable to addiction.
Lawrence Livermore engineer Vanessa Tolosa

Developing world's first neural device to restore memory

Device aims to help those robbed of memory by injury or illness.
football players

Putting the brakes on concussion

Former Bruin, NFL players talk about their head injuries at event to educate parents, coaches and doctors on how to protect young football players.

Study finds that learning by repetition impairs recall of details

When learning, practice doesn’t always make perfect and nuanced aspects may fade away, neurobiologists find.

Cal-BRAIN kickstarts effort to map the brain

Statewide initiative led by UC San Diego signed into law.

Your genes affect your betting behavior

Study finds that decisions in a simple competitive game are influenced by specific variants of dopamine regulators in a person’s brain.