football players

Putting the brakes on concussion

Former Bruin, NFL players talk about their head injuries at event to educate parents, coaches and doctors on how to protect young football players.

Study finds that learning by repetition impairs recall of details

When learning, practice doesn’t always make perfect and nuanced aspects may fade away, neurobiologists find.

Cal-BRAIN kickstarts effort to map the brain

Statewide initiative led by UC San Diego signed into law.

Your genes affect your betting behavior

Study finds that decisions in a simple competitive game are influenced by specific variants of dopamine regulators in a person’s brain.

Engineers take part in 'WalkAgain' at World Cup

A paraplegic with the help of robotic exoskeleton will kick a ball during the opening ceremony of soccer tournament.

Poor health, lifestyle factors linked to memory complaints

Early complaints often precursors to significant decline in later life, UCLA/Gallup study says.
Elisabeth Rosenthal and Stanley Prusiner

Tackling tomorrow's health challenges

Nobel laureate Stanley Prusiner and other UC speakers help shape the debate at New York Times health conference.

How to erase a memory – and restore it

Researchers have erased and reactivated memories in rats, profoundly altering the animals’ reaction to past events; development may bolster Alzheimer's research.

Brain's response to sexual images linked to number of partners

Understanding the brain's reaction may help scientists create interventions to reduce sensitivity and, in turn, tendency toward risky sexual behavior.

Treating stroke improves during 'golden hour'

Patients who receive clot-busting drug within first hour of symptoms are more likely to survive, preserve brain function and reduce disability.