pregnant woman

New evidence that autism begins during pregnancy

Post-mortem studies reveal brain development changes that are linked to autism.
preschool children at play

Preschoolers outsmart college students at figuring out gizmos

Tots outperform college students in certain learning tasks because they are more flexible and less biased in their ideas about cause and effect.
UC Riverside baseball

Better batting through brain training

UC Riverside’s baseball team struck out less frequently in the 2013 season after taking part in brain-training research that significantly improved the vision of individual players.

Chronic stress primes brain for mental illness

Chronic stress' impact on stem cells in the brain in turn affects memory and learning. This could explain why stress leads to mental illness later in life.

More pesticides linked to Parkinson's

A person's genetic makeup could increase his or her chance of developing the debilitating disease two- to six-fold after pesticide exposure.

How the brain recognizes speech

The shaping of sound by our mouths leaves an acoustic trail the brain can follow.

More than meets the eye

When it comes to vision, the brain can perform more than one function without sacrificing time or accuracy.

Caffeine consumption enhances memory

A cup of coffee's good not just for waking up, but also for boosting long-term memory.

Prenatal exposure to alcohol disrupts brain circuitry

These babies may suffer from increased anxiety and poor motor function, conditions typical of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

Super-memory folks are vulnerable to false memories, too

Test subjects with super-autobiographical memory logged scores similar to those with average memory, researchers find.