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Woman cleaning child care facility

California child care system collapsing under COVID-19, Berkeley report says

The decline of child care creates risks to the state economy that require government intervention.

Young woman with Bruins Vote T-shirt holds up voter registration form

California youth fired up to vote in 2020, new poll finds

New UC poll looks at the attitudes, concerns of a growing segment of the voting public.

Evelyn Hooker in profile

Five years ago, love won. Here's how research helps make progress possible

In 2015, the Supreme Court upheld a right to marriage for gay couples in Obergefell v. Hodges. One of the key elements to winning this battle was research — particularly one UC researcher's groundbreaking study in the 1940s that showed being gay was not a mental illness.

UC student ambassador collage

Wanted: UC students who are ready to speak out

UC’s student ambasssador program is accepting applications from students who want to be a force for good in Sacramento.

Students on SCOTUS steps

Relief and joy abound: DACA recipients react to the Supreme Court victory

For thousands of UC DACA students, yesterday was the news they have been daring to hope for: that they can continue their educations, remain in their communities and keep contributing in their fields, from health care to education.

Two students walk with facemasks on

Are masks the answer? Research says yes

A new study confirms that face coverings determine the pandemic’s trends and significantly reduce the number of infections.

Makeshift hospital COVID-19

Shelter-in-place, other emergency COVID-19 measures prevented more than 500 million infections, study finds

‘I don’t think any human endeavor has ever saved so many lives in such a short period of time,’ author says.

Black Lives Matter protest in LA

Faculty share insights on responses to the killing of George Floyd

Darnell Hunt, Robin D.G. Kelley and Kimberlé Crenshaw, among others, contextualize recent events.

Black man wearing respirator mask outside

Q&A: For black men, wearing a mask may be a health risk greater than COVID-19

UCLA psychology professor Vickie Mays on how to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in black communities.

South Korean station

Can we apply these lessons from South Korea to vanquish COVID-19?

South Korea’s targeted social distancing may better protect the vulnerable than stay-at-home orders.