Politics & public policy

Child holding a juice box

Proposed changes to immigration laws would cost California jobs, harm public health

The state could lose up to $1.67 billion in federal benefits with changes to the ‘public charge’ test, a new report finds.

Aerial shot of a suburban neighborhood

Racial bias taints neighborhoods — and residents, research reveals

The health and well-being of residents is jeopardized by bias about where they live.

Family around a Thanksgiving table

How to avoid a Thanksgiving battle over politics

Don't want to get into it with your in-laws? Here's three tips to keep things civil over the holidays.

Janet Napolitano lectures a political science class

Political science personified

UC President Janet Napolitano pops into a class to promote student voting.

Election posters featuring Putin

Can Americans trust elections?

Study looks at how foreign interference in American elections produces the warning signs of a failing democracy.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg in SCOTUS robe

Ruth is Truth

The first full-life biography of pioneering Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hits the shelves.

Row of voting booths

Will changing how we vote change who votes?

As California counties begin to implement Voter’s Choice Act, researchers assess effects on turnout and representation.

Three UCLA students registering voters at a table

Students wage an all-out effort to get their classmates to vote

Oct. 22 is almost upon us — be sure to register to vote so you can have your say on Election Day, Nov. 6.

Outdoor solar panel charging station with students beneath

UC named a national leader in renewable energy

For the second year in a row, the EPA recognizes the University of California with a Green Power Leadership Award.

UCAN students next to bear statue in Sacramento

Wanted: Student ambassadors to build support in Sacramento

The UC Advocacy Network is looking for new ambassadors to represent UC student interests at the state Capitol.