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9/11 memorial with a white rose

How 9/11 changed America

Scholars offer insights into the tragic day’s continued impacts on health, travel, politics and the media.

Maryam Karimi

Maryam Karimi: This generation in Afghanistan will not give up

The third-year student, born in Afghanistan in September 2001, has seen a lifetime of struggle in her home country but still expects her generation to persevere.

People gathered outside the airport in Kabul

UC Berkeley students, staff and faculty launch Afghan scholar rescue campaign

A campus team has launched a fundraising program to help Afghans flee their country as it falls to the Taliban.

DACA recipients hold pictures of themselves as children during a Congressional meeting

DACA in doubt after court ruling: 3 questions answered

The Supreme Court ruled in 2020 that DACA, a policy that shields undocumented young immigrants from deportation, could continue. Now a Texas court says it can’t. An immigration lawyer explains.

Student advocates on a Zoom call with Rep. Mike Levin

We need your voice! Join our team of UC student advocates

Lawmakers listen when students speak out and share their stories.

Man with mask with a coronavirus illustrated next to him

How concerned should we be about the Delta variant?

Experts share their thoughts about the SARS-CoV-2 variant, which is now in nearly every state.

Troy Plunkett and Joseph Bello

Award-winning UC Merced grad works to improve wheelchair accessibility

Strauss Foundation scholar Joseph Bello focuses on getting people the wheelchairs they need, faster.

Fireworks at night

Increased use of household fireworks creates a public health hazard, study finds

The impacts are most pronounced in Southern California’s low-income communities, researchers say.

Colorful illustration of LGBTQ individuals

How research is helping win the fight for trans rights

Despite a flurry of anti-trans legislation in conservative states across the country, there are many reasons to be hopeful, say UCLA’s Williams Institute experts Christy Mallory and Brad Sears.

Women marching down the street protesting

Women are seeking election for the long haul

A new study suggests that nationwide data show women are in politics for the long haul, win or lose.