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Black man wearing respirator mask outside

Q&A: For black men, wearing a mask may be a health risk greater than COVID-19

UCLA psychology professor Vickie Mays on how to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in black communities.

South Korean station

Can we apply these lessons from South Korea to vanquish COVID-19?

South Korea’s targeted social distancing may better protect the vulnerable than stay-at-home orders.

Woman walks down empty city street wearing a mask

Using machine learning to estimate COVID-19’s seasonal cycle

Scientists aim to assess the role of climate variables in disease transmission.

Sign on a fence about COVID-19 prevention measures

Voters in both parties favor caution as cities begin to reopen

Regardless of party affilation, people prefer a cautious approach to getting life back to normal.

Gig worker in a Lyft

Already vulnerable, gig economy workers in San Francisco suffer during coronavirus pandemic, survey reveals

Unique in-person survey establishes new baseline, while online survey provides a snapshot of pandemic's effects.

Two health care workers bump elbows

UCSF partners with state to develop public health workforce for COVID-19 response

Training developed for San Francisco will be offered to counties across California.

Several people on their phones

Experts explain how contact tracing will end the coronavirus pandemic

UCSF has been partnering with the San Francisco Department of Public Health to ramp up contact tracing.

Home is Here signs in crowd

DACA community braces for a Supreme Court ruling

Anxiety goes off the charts for the DACA community when the Supreme Court announces decisions. There are more humane ways to handle this, writes Regina Day Langhout.

Yvonne Hao with the hand sanitizer she helped produce

‘Liquid gold’: UC Berkeley lab makes free hand sanitizer for the needy

A biochemistry lab pivots to hand sanitizers for people experiencing homelessness, jail populations and others among society's most vulnerable.

Robb Davis and teen boy organizing food boxes outside

UC Davis delivers helpers to food bank

As county residents continue to shelter in place, the Yolo Food Bank is running a new delivery service with the help of UC Davis staff and students.