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Calculator and stethoscope

Single-payer systems likely to save money in US, analysis finds

Lower administrative and drug costs would be main drivers of cost savings, new study says.

Flu vaccine on arm

A better flu shot could be on the horizon

Biomolecular engineer Rebecca DuBois is collaborating on a large NIH project to create a universal vaccine for influenza.

Newly designed helmet

New helmet design can deal with sports’ twists and turns

UC Berkeley neurologist Robert Knight has designed a helmet that can absorb blows today's helmets don't protect against.

UC Riverside young woman student holds a vote sign next to the vote goat

Students: Flex your political power. It starts by registering to vote.

Younger voters could have a huge impact on the results in 2020 — but only if they register and vote.

Man on scooter

E-scooters show alarming spike in injuries

Hospital admissions quadrupled in last four years, UCSF study finds, mainly in young adults. 

Map of the Middle East

An expert's view on Iran

Understanding the country's broader context is key to navigating the current political crisis, Kevin B. Anderson says.

Candidates on a debate stage

Is there (still) a gender gap in politics?

More women have run in the 2020 presidential election than ever before. But is the gap in representation closing?

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Divided GOP and Dems stand, united they worry in 2020

There's surprising common ground among the voters of both parties: They're going to worry. A lot, and similarly.

Young woman holding a phone with hashtags

Political hashtags like #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter make people less likely to believe the news

When news stories include a catchy hashtag, readers perceived the topic to be less socially important and more partisan.

UC students rally outside SCOTUS

As Supreme Court takes up DACA, UC students rally in support

Students braved poor weather to boost the spirits of those with fates in the balance as UC defended DACA recipients inside the court.