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Madeleine Albright in conversation with Martha Mendoza

The ghosts of fascism: Madeleine Albright in conversation with Pulitzer Prize winner Martha Mendoza

The former secretary of state warns a capacity crowd about the rise of authoritarianism.

Young, gifted and black: The next generation of activists

This Black History Month, we honor some of the bright young activists who are challenging the status quo and working to build a better future for us all.

Phone with map on it held up in Tijuana

UC San Diego undergrads modernize Tijuana’s emergency response system

The Cruz Roja Global Ties team created a mobile app to make ambulance dispatch in Tijuana easier, faster and more efficient.

Kris Perry near the sea

Gov. Newsom appoints alumna and famed plaintiff Kris Perry to key post

The nationally recognized advocate for children receives a key post in the new administration.

Terry Glenn and fellow students

Young, gifted and black: The next generation of researchers

For Black History Month, we highlight young researchers who are turning their work into a potent force for social justice and equity.

Cars stuck in traffic during the evening

Self-driving cars will ‘cruise’ to avoid paying to park

Autonomous vehicles have every incentive to create havoc, transportation planner says.

A woman rides a Lime scooter on the street in Santa Monica

Fractures, head injuries common in e-scooter collisions, according to new research

First-of-its-kind UCLA study analyzes the public health impacts of the increasingly popular scooters.

Tina Sacks UC Berkeley

Why middle-class black women dread the doctor’s office

A new book by Tina Sacks tells the human stories behind racial biases in health care.

UC Riverside Robert Rosenthal

From Timothy Leary's office to the company of giants

How Robert Rosenthal brought behavioral psychology to the masses with “Pygmalion in the Classroom.”

Paula Raffaelli in her car outside the Dilley detention facility for immigrants

Iceboxes and jail: Helping immigrant mothers and children held at the border

A week with UC Berkeley lawyer Paula Raffaelli, who volunteered to help detainees navigate the legal system.