Politics & public policy

Three UCLA students registering voters at a table

Students wage an all-out effort to get their classmates to vote

Oct. 22 is almost upon us — be sure to register to vote so you can have your say on Election Day, Nov. 6.

Outdoor solar panel charging station with students beneath

UC named a national leader in renewable energy

For the second year in a row, the EPA recognizes the University of California with a Green Power Leadership Award.

UCAN students next to bear statue in Sacramento

Wanted: Student ambassadors to build support in Sacramento

The UC Advocacy Network is looking for new ambassadors to represent UC student interests at the state Capitol.

The Central Valley's freedom summer

More than two dozen UC students spent their summer engaged in voter education, registration, and outreach.

CO2 floating in a cloud of smoke

How we can recycle CO2 to make eco-friendly concrete

UCLA researchers take aim at a surprisingly large source of greenhouse gas emissions: concrete.

Student registers someone to vote at UC San Diego

It’s your future. Have a say in it.

Students could wield the influence of Baby Boomers — if they're willing to step up and vote.

What the battle over scooters gets wrong

The problem isn't what's on our streets. It's the streets themselves.

Solar panel in the sun

Climate summit puts California, UC in the spotlight

The University of California is among the thousands gathering to share solutions at the Global Climate Action Summit.

Anatomy of fake news

Students have created a website that shines a light on the modern scourge of bogus “news”

Anna Song with two packs of cigarettes

Multimillion-dollar grant brings nicotine and cannabis policy center to campus

The new center positions UC Merced and the San Joaquin Valley as leaders in public health.