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Tina Sacks UC Berkeley

Why middle-class black women dread the doctor’s office

A new book by Tina Sacks tells the human stories behind racial biases in health care.

UC Riverside Robert Rosenthal

From Timothy Leary's office to the company of giants

How Robert Rosenthal brought behavioral psychology to the masses with “Pygmalion in the Classroom.”

Paula Raffaelli in her car outside the Dilley detention facility for immigrants

Iceboxes and jail: Helping immigrant mothers and children held at the border

A week with UC Berkeley lawyer Paula Raffaelli, who volunteered to help detainees navigate the legal system.

A child looks at the camera from among a group of migrants

Coming to America

Historical context helps explain the urgency of present-day Central American migrations.

True and false signs

Administrations change, but tendency to believe threats does not

Research shows political views predict whether people trust false information about dangers — no matter who's in office.

Zocalo Square, Mexico City

The UC Santa Cruz alumna who leads Mexico's anti-corruption efforts

Irma Eréndira Sandoval, who earned a Ph.D. in politics in 2006, is now on the front lines of Mexico's war on corruption.

Child holding a juice box

Proposed changes to immigration laws would cost California jobs, harm public health

The state could lose up to $1.67 billion in federal benefits with changes to the ‘public charge’ test, a new report finds.

Aerial shot of a suburban neighborhood

Racial bias taints neighborhoods — and residents, research reveals

The health and well-being of residents is jeopardized by bias about where they live.

Family around a Thanksgiving table

How to avoid a Thanksgiving battle over politics

Don't want to get into it with your in-laws? Here's three tips to keep things civil over the holidays.

Janet Napolitano lectures a political science class

Political science personified

UC President Janet Napolitano pops into a class to promote student voting.