UC Santa Cruz diversity

Diversity, inclusivity key to a growing economy

America may be polarized but untapped economic opportunity awaits in inclusion, research finds.

UC Irvine immigration

Immigration does not increase crime — it decreases it

Findings over as many as four decades demonstrate the economic and social benefits of immigration.

UCLA law LAX detainees

UCLA law takes action in the wake of Trump immigration order

More than 200 students have assisted detainees or jumped in alongside the ACLU to fight the ban.

Sara Cratsenburg UC Santa Barbara

Ready to lead

Top ROTC cadet opts for an Army combat role and hopes to inspire other women to break barriers.

UC addressing policy

How UC is working to address the executive ban on entry to the US by travelers from certain countries

The university is engaged in advocacy and offering timely guidance to students, faculty and staff.

UC Davis detainees

Law school faculty, students, alumni aid detainees

The Immigration Law Clinic provided rapid legal response to those under threat of deportation.

UC Irvine immigration

Trump’s policies will affect four groups of undocumented immigrants

Four professors examine the potential consequences of the new directives through a research lens.

UC Irvine fleet electric

Pure electricity

UC Irvine becomes the first college in the nation to convert to all-electric bus fleet.

UC Berkeley Ed Roberts

Google doodle honors disability rights pioneer Ed Roberts

Search engine giant devotes its homepage to the UC Berkeley alum for the day.

Obama UC Berkeley

Through the lens of hope: Obama’s videographer debriefs

The UC Berkeley alum who brought us some of the White House's most informal moments reflects on her remarkable job.