Politics & public policy

Japanese American draft resisters at Tule Lake camp

Center shatters myth of 'quiet' Japanese Americans imprisoned in camps

Asian American Studies Center project collects evidence of resistance during the war years.

Gorete Borges Teodoro and Renata Teodoro, cover of Dreams Deported

How deportation hurts families

Student-written book, 'Dreams Deported,' is a project of a UCLA labor studies minor class and third in a series on immigration and the immigrant youth movement.

hands on prison bars

Prison sentencing: politics vs. results

Public policy scholar chronicles shift to smarter approaches to crime and punishment.
immigration demonstration, US Capitol

California leads on immigration reform, state citizenship

Public policy experts see White House taking a back seat to states on immigrant integration in the absence of congressional action.

Number of Asian American voters projected to double by 2040

Study explores implications for upcoming political races.
UC Merced students

UC looks to level the playing field for undocumented students

At national summit, experts look to find ways to help students overcome financial and legal hurdles.

Haojun Li and Forrest Sam

Chinese students test the waters of free speech

More than 1,600 students from China are navigating the nuances of free speech at Berkeley.
Berkeley Food Institute panel discussion

Food justice takes center stage

Forum focuses on labor, power, policy and other issues around food.
US, Mexico flags

Research collaboration will focus on immigration in California

Project involving five UC campuses will complement the systemwide efforts of the UC-Mexico Initiative.
doctor, patient, nurse (iStock)

Income inequality is taking a toll on the health of American workers

It's not just low wages. Study by UCLA Fielding School of Public Health points out another disturbing impact of income inequality: its effect on people’s health.