Asteroid impacting earth illustration

Is planetary defense PI in the sky?

Physicists propose a new method for defending the Earth against cosmic impacts.

Matthew Henson

A lunar honor for explorer Matthew Henson, thanks to a UCLA graduate student

A crater on the moon is now named for the Black Arctic explorer, whose achievements were played down in his lifetime.

Shannon Curry

Planet maven Shannon Curry takes over mission to Mars

At the age of 38, she is also one of the youngest principal investigators of any NASA mission.

3D-printed stellar nursery spheres

Holding stellar nurseries in your hands

Nia Imara and her collaborators have created new, 3D-printed models that provide a deeper understanding of distant star formations.

Sir Richard Branson is weightless in space on his Virgin Galactic passenger rocket plane.

Billionaires in the great beyond

Scientists weigh in on the first successful civilian trips to space, and the ethics of being a billion-dollar rocket man.

Astronaut on a spacewalk

Space travel weakens our immune systems — now scientists may know why

As private citizens express interest in going to space, a late UCSF astronaut may have figured out an important riddle.

Cosmic dawn still image from a video simulation

Cosmic dawn occurred 250 to 350 million years after Big Bang

The formation of the first stars occurred 250 to 350 million years after the beginning of the universe, according to new UC Santa Cruz research.

Illustration shows a Super Venus planet on the left and a Super Earth on the right.

UC Riverside joins forces with NASA on missions to Venus

The trips hope to illuminate how Earth’s evil twin became uninhabitable.

Megan McArthur portrait in NASA blues

One astronaut’s amazing Earth Day — getting ready to pilot a flight to the International Space Station

Alumna Megan McArthur to return to space as pilot of NASA’s SpaceX Crew-2 mission, set to launch Friday, April 23.

Rendering of the NASA Perseverance rover on Mars

Q&A: David Paige on the Feb. 18 Mars Perseverance landing

The UCLA planetary scientist is deputy principal investigator for one of the NASA rover’s experiments.