Mars rover on Mars visualization

UC Merced grad student, alumnus play significant role in Mars 2020 mission

As the rover soars toward Mars, a UC Merced lab will be partially responsible for its success.

Jessica Meir floating in space taking questions

Astronaut alum Jessica Meir answers questions from the International Space Station

UC San Diego alumna discusses her journey from ‘STEM to Stars’ during live Q&A from International Space Station.

Space weather

Researchers discover a new source of space weather — too close to home

Magnetic storms form closer to Earth than previously thought, threatening satellites.

A view of the galaxy from DESI

Seeing the cosmos in color for the first time

DESI, a 5,000-eyed instrument, is being used by UC researchers to explore the mystery of dark energy in color.

Margaret Burbridge

Trailblazing astronomer Margaret Burbidge turns 100 years old

‘Lady Stardust’ was famous for teaching people they are made of it.

Jessica Meir in front of a pier in San Diego at sunset

UC San Diego alum fulfills lifelong dream of going to space

Astronaut Jessica Meir is at home on the International Space Station and ready for her all-female spacewalk.

Black hole S0-2 illustration

Einstein was right about relativity, UCLA says — for now

Welcome to ‘extreme astrophysics’ — the most detailed study ever of a supermassive black hole and Einstein’s general theory of relativity.

Buzz Aldrin salutes the U.S. flag

An astronomical accomplishment

Fifty years after the Apollo 11 moon walk, a vexillologist looks at the challenge of planting the flag on the moon.

Moonlander on the moon

UC Berkeley to put an experiment on the surface of the moon in the next 2 years

Among the select few chosen by NASA to put a project on the moon, campus scientists now race to get ready.

Saturn's rings in close up

It's about time: Scientists figure out the length of a day on Saturn

Thanks to data from NASA's Cassini spacecraft, astronomers are stumped no longer.