Pluto UC Santa Cruz

New evidence of Pluto's slushy ocean

Scientists get a surprise from observations made by NASA's New Horizons spacecraft.

UC Davis moon theory

New theory explains how the moon got there

A fresh look at why the moon is so distinct from other objects in the solar system.

UC Irvine Mars hero

Travel to Mars, risk dementia

Study raises questions about long-term brain health after extended spaceflights.

Mars UC Berkeley

Simulating life on Mars

UC Berkeley alumna Sheyna Gifford completes yearlong mission.

UC Irvine fifth force

UC Irvine physicists discover potential fifth force of nature

If confirmed, breakthrough would "completely change our understanding of the universe."

UC Berkeley Hubble

‘Dark vortex’ confirmed on Neptune

UC Berkeley astronomers use the Hubble Space Telescope to study our distant neighbor's cloud convection.

Berkeley Lab galaxy-seeking robots

Galaxy-seeking robots ready for a test run

Berkeley Lab prepares to hone in on deep space with the help of its futuristic fleet.

How star systems function in heavy traffic

A UC Santa Cruz grad student looks beyond the reach of the farthest telescopes to glean insights into what makes our own corner of the universe unique.

 composite image of the “bullet cluster,” a galaxy cluster formed by a collision of two clusters.

3 knowns and 3 unknowns about dark matter

While we can’t see dark matter, we are learning more about it. Berkeley Lab breaks it down.

UC Santa Barbara SETI

Across the universe

A UC Santa Barbara scientist sends new signals using light to find extraterrestrial life.