UCLA refueling depot

Mining the moon for rocket fuel to get us to Mars

2016 Grad Slam finalist Gary Li is part of an international team planning a space highway.

UC Santa Barbara cosmic web

UC astronomers measure the 'cosmic web'

The data validates preexisting theories about how cosmic structures form.

UC Irvine rocket

The first university to launch a rocket into space

UC Irvine aims to reach the stars with a $1M gift.

UC Berkeley cosmic dawn

$5.8 million grant helps expand radio telescope to study ‘cosmic dawn’

Moore Foundation funding will boost study of epoch after first stars formed in the universe.

UC San Diego Trappist

UC San Diego astrophysicists contribute to major planet discovery

Discovery of seven new planets that could contain life is a breakthrough in space.

UC San Diego nuclear explosion

First nuclear explosion helps test theory of moon's formation

Nuclear fallout and lunar samples are similar enough to suggest an impact could have created our moon.

Donut UC newsroom

The most viral UC research of 2016

UC research comprised 14 of the 100 journal articles that got the most media attention in 2016. Take a look at what got the world talking.

UC Santa Barbara science cinema

Science vs. Cinema

Astrophysicist examines the science behind sci-fi movies in popular YouTube series.

UC Santa Cruz Breakthrough Prize

UC Santa Barbara physicist and UC Santa Cruz biologist named 2017 Breakthrough Prize winners

Two UC professors win the most lucrative award in science, with a third earning early-career honors.

UC Santa Barbara comet

How to stop a comet

A physics undergrad devises a strategy for defending Earth from potential impact.