Visiting eco-chef Roger Feely makes grasshopper tacos during a demonstration of drought-friendly cooking at Festival of Discovery in Aldrich Park.

Food for thought

UC Irvine provides a full menu of events, activities encouraging new approaches to sustainable nourishment.

Riverside's climate heroes

Professor and four students will work to engage the campus on climate change related issues in the coming year.

Better way to pack natural gas into fuel tanks

New method of storing methane could speed development of cars that don’t require the high pressures or cold temperatures of today’s LNG vehicles.

Wind turbines

Bending the curve on climate change for California and the world

UC’s top climate experts are convening to create a practical blueprint for tackling climate change in advance of the Paris United Nations Climate Summit.

man using lawnmower

Lawn mower emission reduction device wins national award

Several generations of engineering teams have worked on the NOx-Out device to cut air pollution.

student climbs outdoor stairs

UC launches Cool Campus Challenge in a push toward carbon neutrality

'We’re on our way to becoming the very first university system to wipe out our carbon footprint for good.'

Drought planning and water savings earn best practice award

Campus water-conscious efforts were recognized at the 2015 California Higher Education Sustainability Conference.

thermal power plant

DOE selects UC to lead U.S.-China energy and water consortium

Berkeley, Irvine, Berkeley Lab, Davis, Merced and UCLA join forces in multi-million dollar effort to tackle water-related aspects of energy production and use. 

west village buildings with bicyclist

West Village marches toward zero net energy

Nation’s largest planned zero net energy community is 82 percent on the way to its goal.

To the rescue: Berkeley names Faculty Climate Action Champion

Whendee Silver's work in soils and carbon earned her recognition as part of UC's Carbon Neutrality Initiative.