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Doudna in a lab with a colleague

California’s Institutes for Science and Innovation celebrate 20 years of research and discovery

Twenty years on, the four UC-based California Institutes of Science and Innovation are integral to addressing California's most pressing issues with research-driven innovation.

A woman in PPE tests wastewater on campus

How UC San Diego’s kept a lid on COVID-19 infections

The country's most ambitious wastewater testing initiative, asymptomatic testing kits and an exposure notification system have made the Return to Learn program a success.

Cold plasma treating samples in a six-well plate

New solution to kill coronavirus on common surfaces in seconds

Cold atmospheric plasma via jet spray could be used to quickly disinfect hospitals, transport and more.

Woman at airport, checking her cell phone

UC campuses pilot a smartphone app that aims to limit spread of COVID-19

The app uses privacy-first technology that allows users to receive automatic smartphone notifications of a potential exposure to the virus.

Plastic bags and bottles

A second life for plastic waste

Researchers develop a low-energy method for upcycling polyethylene plastic waste into valuable molecules.

A replicated brain aneurysm

Lab team develops first-ever living 3D-printed aneurysm to improve surgical procedures, personalize treatments

The replica represents a significant step in developing better care for the 1 in 50 Americans who will suffer from brain aneurysms.

Ironclad beetle

What makes an insect indestructible?

Materials scientists discover the design secrets of the ironclad beetle, which can even survive getting run over by a car.

Image that says UC Startup Innovation Challenge

Apply now for UC’s Startup Innovation Challenge

Winners will take home a $50K cash prize and get to network with industry leaders.

Ganguly in the lab

First ‘plug and play’ brain prosthesis demonstrated in paralyzed person

In a significant advance, researchers have developed a way to make prosthetics ‘learn’ better from the brains that control them.

Chess set

Chess is taking over the online video game world — and both are changing from this unlikely pairing

Young, irreverent gamers on Twitch and the ancient world of chess are both transforming as their cultures collide.