Technology & engineering

Mike Mitchell pitches his business idea

Students: Win money, mentorship and support for your Big Idea

Don’t miss the Nov. 14 deadline to enter this UC-wide contest.

Egyptian art

Ancient pigment can boost energy efficiency

A color developed by Egyptians thousands of years ago can boost energy efficiency by cooling rooftops and walls.

Woman anxiously looking at computer

Sick of googling symptoms and getting bad information? Here's a second opinion.

You can search for better health answers by using a free internet health assistant developed by medical researchers.

UCSF Shuvo Roy

The Kidney Project and the bioartificial pancreas: When inspiration strikes twice

Shuvo Roy is not content to just work on the world's first bioartificial kidney. Now he's doing the same for the pancreas.

Nine in 10 Silicon Valley jobs pay less now than 20 years ago

Silicon Valley's business models concentrate wealth, new research finds.

Someone getting their blood pressure taken

What if doctors could zero in on the one action that would make the most impact on your health?

Health choices made easy, thanks to a new model that relies on data from your FitBit.

Outdoor solar panel charging station with students beneath

UC named a national leader in renewable energy

For the second year in a row, the EPA recognizes the University of California with a Green Power Leadership Award.

Pathogen detected screen visualization

Smartphone, M.D.

A new app developed by UC Santa Barbara researchers enables a smartphone to ID bacteria in just one hour.

CO2 floating in a cloud of smoke

How we can recycle CO2 to make eco-friendly concrete

UCLA researchers take aim at a surprisingly large source of greenhouse gas emissions: concrete.

Shakespeare in emoji form

Call me Emoji

‘Moby Dick’ has been translated into emojis. True story.