Technology & engineering

UC Irvine and UC Riverside researchers hold up a microphone to a DNA synthesizer

UC Irvine, UC Riverside scientists identify a new world for hackers

A sensitive DNA synthesis procedure will need more protection to ensure bioterrorists aren't listening in.

Hand reaches for a prescription

Google translates doctor's orders into Spanish and Chinese — with a few important caveats

Long, jargon-filled sentences have the potential to cause clinically significant harm, but overall, the algorithm impresses.

Phone with map on it held up in Tijuana

UC San Diego undergrads modernize Tijuana’s emergency response system

The Cruz Roja Global Ties team created a mobile app to make ambulance dispatch in Tijuana easier, faster and more efficient.

Cars stuck in traffic during the evening

Self-driving cars will ‘cruise’ to avoid paying to park

Autonomous vehicles have every incentive to create havoc, transportation planner says.

A woman rides a Lime scooter on the street in Santa Monica

Fractures, head injuries common in e-scooter collisions, according to new research

First-of-its-kind UCLA study analyzes the public health impacts of the increasingly popular scooters.

UC Merced electronics wiring crop

Imagine a biodegradable cellphone

A look inside Moore Inventor Fellowship finalist Yue ‘Jessica’ Wang’s lab.

UC San Diego printed implants

3-D printed implants show promise for treating spinal cord injury

The soft, implantable “bridges” guide new nerve cells to grow where the spinal cord has been severed.

Glass polar bear

Can artificial intelligence tell a polar bear from a can opener?

How closely do deep learning computer networks mimic the human brain? There's still a long way to go, psychologists find.

Gopesh Tilvawala speaks to someone across a table

Graduate student’s steerable brain device wins big at inventors competition

Gopesh Tilvawala is developing a first-of-its-kind catheter to navigate tiny arteries in the brain.

UC Irvine texting teens

Growing up digital

A new lab investigates the smartphone generation.