Technology & engineering

Women meditating outdoors

Want to meditate more effectively? Try algorithms

Digital media often seems to deplete our attention. Scientists have found a way to flip that equation.

D’Vonte Johnson

With new rig, student can achieve director dream

D’Vonte Johnson is ready to turn auteur, thanks to a student-designed camera rig compatible with cerebral palsy.

Professor holding a clapperboard

Cyber Shakespeare

All UC students can see the Bard's world brought to life in a new online course.

Rhino on a cliff with mountain background behind

2 northern white rhinos are left in the world. Here's how robots could save them.

Flexible robotics designed at UC San Diego could help navigate the tricky issues of saving this subspecies from extinction.

Two professors with their new material

Squid skin inspires creation of next-gen heat regulating blanket

Something new to wear into your too hot, too cold office.

Robin Hunicke on the Project Runway judges panel

Arts professor Robin Hunicke judges on 'Project Runway'

She served as guest judge for an episode in which contestants designed powerful female video game characters.

Hand holding the intracranial electrodes of the type used to record brain activity.

Breakthrough device translates brain activity into speech

It could one day restore the voices of those who have lost the ability to speak due to neurological damage.

Loch Ness in winter

Winter is coming: A new scientific device creates electricity from falling snow

Researchers design a first-of-its-kind nanogenerator that makes electricity in remote areas.

Fatemah Alharbi

This computer scientist beats hackers at their own game

A first-gen student who grew up in Saudi Arabia, Fatemah Alharbi followed an unexpected path to becoming a white hat hacker.

UC Irvine kidney stones team

A new treatment for kidney stones

A shock wave device used by UC Irvine urologists could be a gamechanger for treating painful kidney deposits.