space shuttle 3-D printing

A leap for 3-D printing

Tresa Pollock receives a $3M fellowship to develop a platform for printing with new extreme-use materials.

Algae UCLA

UC collaboration unlocks a key to biofuel

The algae in your fishtank could provide new fuel and medical applications, thanks to its UC-decoded genome.

Suntan lotion UC San Diego

Chemists create the ultimate natural sunscreen

Synthetic particles mimic the cell structures that produce melanin and protect our skin.

UC nuclear power

The simple fact that could put the brakes on nuclear energy

If you follow the headlines, nuclear energy seems to be enjoying a bit of a renaissance. A new generation of nuclear innovators is emerging, young tech startups are poised to disrupt a lethargic industry, and there’s a palpable wave of optimism over the potential for nuclear power to help combat climate change. But at recent UN climate change conferences, the word “nuclear” was barely heard. Why the disconnect?

UC Berkeley ModRoof

Thinking inside the cardboard box

UC Berkeley engineers use materials at hand to solve global problems, like roofing material made from recycled cardboard.

UC San Diego nanofiber

Nanofiber feels forces and hears sounds made by cells

UCOP-funded research opens doors to measure interactions that couldn't be tracked before.

Taj Ahmad Eldridge UC Riverside

The startup champion of Riverside

Taj Ahmad Eldridge recruited to lead the ExCITE Accelerator at UC Riverside.

UCLA battery free

New battery-free implant is powered by your body

Supercapacitor could make pacemakers safer and more durable.

UC Berkeley empathy

Tackling the ‘black troublemaker’ school stereotype

Psychologist works with Google to combat knee-jerk suspensions of African American teens.

UC Riverside glass greener

Making batteries from waste glass bottles

New, low-cost process creates batteries with a lifespan four times better than what's currently sold.