Technology & engineering

Doctor connected to patients by stethoscope illustration

Widely used health care prediction algorithm biased against black people

A new study reveals significant racial bias in a software program that affects access to care for millions of Americans.

Arpanet diagram

Lo and behold: The internet

On this day 50 years ago, the internet was born.

Two researchers in a lab

Improving indoor air quality during wildfires

Indoor air scientists explain how to protect homes, schools, and other buildings from air pollution during wildfires.

An Impossible Burger from Burger King

Is the future alternative meats?

Plant-based and cultivated meats are popping up everywhere — even Burger King. Are they here to stay?

Quantum computer

UC Santa Barbara/Google team makes huge computing breakthrough

Researchers solve a problem that would normally take 10,000 years in 200 seconds and achieve ‘quantum supremacy.’

Kayla Gomez and Josue Perez

Human Rights Lab trains students to investigate wrongdoing

This fall, 19 students will begin investigating alleged human rights abuses with their new high-tech sleuthing skills.

Workers install solar panels on a roof

Our energy grid is vulnerable. Locally sourced power may be the answer.

Solar-powered microgrids could be key in the face of increasing wildfire risk and cybersecurity threats.

Pills poured into a hand

A breath test for opioids

UC Davis and Lawrence Livermore Lab researchers have developed a new method for detecting opioids.

A man with a cane walking with a woman just behind him

Brain implant restores visual perception to the blind

People without sight can detect motion, distinguish light and dark with a new wireless device.

Two scientists in lab coats looking at a tooth sample

Where DNA falls short in cracking crimes, scientists can use this new tool

Crime buffs know DNA has transformed forensics, but isn't always good enough. That's where proteomics comes in.