UC Santa Barbara virtual reality

A billion tweets turned into virtual reality

UC Santa Barbara scholar is using billions of social media posts to create a virtual reality experience.

UCLA chai app

UCLA study helps Californians save electricity — and money — this summer

To participate in the study, download a free app, which transmits real-time updates to help you tweak your usage.

UCLA Majorana particle

UCLA-led research offers clearest evidence yet of long-sought Majorana particle

Finding could provide the vehicle for carrying ‘qubits’ of data in quantum computing.

UC Berkeley zebrafish

UC Berkeley to build a window into the brain

$21.6M awarded to create a 'brain modem' that can read and write to neurons, laying foundation for new therapies.

UC San Diego smart glove

Low-cost smart glove translates American Sign Language alphabet

Next-gen virtual tool could also be used in fields from telesurgery to defense.

Image of the iPhone microphone screen for talking to Siri, Apple's personal digital assistant. I

Hey Siri, an ancient algorithm may help you grasp metaphors

Understanding how humans create and comprehend metaphors could advance artificial intelligence.

Making the ultimate mosquito repellent

How getting to know a mosquito’s nose helped researchers sniff out better bug sprays.

UC Davis Article 26 backpack

A matter of rights

Professor helps refugees reclaim one of their basic human rights — an education.

HIV inhibitor UC Merced

Researcher continues progress toward effective HIV inhibitor

Patricia LiWang's new, topical delivery system could help solve lingering HIV prevention problems.

UC Riverside water brine

Providing clean water for a growing population

A new method to squeeze every drop from brine will alleviate water shortages in arid regions.