UCSF ashtray

Hardcore smokers are softening over time

“Even smokers with the greatest psychological distress can be reached and helped to quit,” says UCSF's Stanton Glantz.

UC fellowships no smoking

UC appoints new class of Smoke- and Tobacco-Free Student Fellows

Awardees from each of the 10 campuses will work to promote healthier communities via tobacco control.

UCLA vaping overview

How safe is vaping?

While public acceptance has grown, more research is needed on health effects.

e-cigarettes UCLA cardiac risk

New evidence that e-cigarettes may harm your heart

Cardiac risk factors reported in smokers found in e-cig users.

Researchers Pin Wang (left) and Antoine Snijders investigate blood cells collected from mice exposed to thirdhand smoke.

Thirdhand smoke affects weight, blood cell development

Berkeley Lab-led study adds to evidence that smoke's lingering residue could be harmful.

Vapers beware: 10 things to know about e-cigarettes teen vaping image

Vapers beware: 10 things to know about e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes may have special appeal to young people, but that doesn’t mean they are safe.

Marijuana smoke UCSF

One minute of secondhand marijuana smoke impairs cardiovascular function

UCSF finds that effects are like tobacco’s, but last three times longer.

Berkeley Lab e-cig study

Why toxic compound emissions vary in e-cigarettes

Researchers also identify two carcinogens not previously reported in vapor.


University of California appoints Smoke- and Tobacco-Free Student Fellows

Inaugural class of four will lead grant-supported tobacco research and cessation projects over the next year.

Unemployed smokers have a harder time finding a job

Smokers struggle to find jobs, get paid less

A new study supported by UC has found that tobacco use while unemployed could make job prospects go up in smoke.