Gabriela Danielle Abraham UCLA

Mother and daughter set to graduate together from UCLA

Gabriela and Danielle Abraham will be the first in their family to receive four-year degrees.

UC Merced

A standout among standouts

UC lauded as the only university among Top 100 Global Innovators.

UC Merced entrepreneur

Are you a UC entrepreneur?

Join the video campaign that celebrates the diversity and impact of UC startups.

Lydia Natoolo

Student delivers hope to hospital in homeland

UC Irvine undergraduate Lydia Natoolo is helping to save lives in her native Uganda.

UC graduation

New UC grads are already changing the world for the better

As new grads look to their futures, we profile a few already engaged in making a difference for others.

Stephen Maxey

From a life on the streets to one advocating for the homeless

Stephen Maxey never saw himself as college material — but the community of UC Merced saw otherwise.

Jendi Samai

UCLA center helps community college students transfer

Center for Community College Partnerships guides students to UC and other four-year colleges.

UC's top 10 stories of 2015

From expanding enrollment to tackling climate change, 2015 was a big year for the University of California.


UC offers community college students a clear path to transfer

Effort gives students a course to follow to be well-positioned for admission to a UC campus.

Clinton Terrell

Touched by Shakespeare in solitary confinement

The classics carried one young man from incarceration to academia.