In the News

  • Chancellor to head initiative for public universities

    Los Angeles Times

    UC Berkeley's Robert J. Birgeneau will lead a national effort to study and help public universities in an era of reduced tax support, new technology and changing student demographics.
  • 36th annual Writers Week begins Feb. 4

    UC Riverside

    Southern California’s longest-running, free event devoted to writing and writers returns to UC Riverside with award-winning novelists, poets and journalists.
  • Measuring snow a worthy academic pursuit

    Modesto Bee

    UC Merced's research on water and snowpack is technical, but boils down to what's important in Californians' daily lives.
  • How gratitude can improve your life


    Psychologists at several UC campuses have collected evidence of the benefits, both physical and psychological, of positive emotions such as gratitude.
  • A crusade against sugar

    San Francisco Chronicle

    UCSF researcher's new book casts the sweet stuff as a toxic contributor to obesity.