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UC Berkeley |

A solution for the too-hot or too-cold office

Researchers aim for comfort, energy efficiency with newly developed tools.
UC Office of the President |

Regents approve Riverside chancellor appointment

Kim Wilcox of Michigan State is UC Riverside's ninth chancellor.
UC Davis |

Baby formula may have long-term effect on health

Formula-fed infants experience metabolic stress that puts them at risk for obesity, diabetes and other health problems.
UC Berkeley |

Solar energy could supply one-third of power in U.S. West

Drop in cost would make solar a major player in energy industry.
UC Berkeley |

Warmer climate linked to increased crime and violence

Warmer climate seen to increase crime and violence.
UC San Francisco |

Changes urged for cancer screening and treatment

Panel recommends new, personalized strategies to reduce overtreatment of malignancies
UC Office of the President |

Regents appoint UC's first woman president

Janet Napolitano, secretary of Homeland Security, will assume university's top post in September, succeeding Mark Yudof…
UC Office of the President |

Governor signs 2013-14 budget

UC gets 5 percent more in coming fiscal year, allowing tuition to freeze at current levels through 2013-14.
UC San Francisco |

Brain pathway may control addiction relapse

Link between memory and cravings appears to hold sway over addiction relapse.
UC Berkeley |

Mental toll of tiger parenting

Authoritarian parenting aims for children's success — but often results in depression, anxiety and poor…

Dwindling snowfall forecast for L.A.'s peaks

Southern California may lose 30 to 40 percent of annual snowfall by midcentury.
UC Irvine |

Ordinary items yield extraordinary benefits for autistic boys

At-home sensory therapy with common household items yields notable gains.