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Researchers discuss sugar’s highs, lows

America's growing sweet tooth is super-sizing waistlines and the nation's health care price tag, warn University of California researchers.People in the U.S. are eating 21 times more sweet stuff today than the pilgrims and pioneers did, according to…
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UC shares Peace Corps public service commitment

UC marks 50 years of involvement with the venerable volunteer organization.
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UC medical schools increase underrepresented minority students

Crystal Denmon was raised by a single parent in South Los Angeles, where gangs were common and graduating from high school was not. Crystal Denmon Starting in second grade, she woke up at 5:30 a.m. to catch the bus that took her an hour across town to…
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Students inspire UC sustainability policies

Student activism is a driving force behind initiatives that make the UC system one of the greenest universities in the country.
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UC postdoc fellowship program encourages diversity

The UC President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program launches new careers.
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UC water wonks help shape state's future

Researchers throughout the University of California are helping reform policies governing California's water supply.
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Climate change stresses water supply, ecosystems

UC scientists explore solutions for balancing population needs with the long-term health of California's environment.
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Public education key to saving species

The UC Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group led effort to bring peregrine falcon back from brink of extinction.
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Peregrine population flies higher, thanks to UCSC's Predatory Bird Research Group

Peregrine falcon populations crashed in the 1960s as a result of DDT. UC people helped bring them back.
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Top rankings for UC graduate programs