Puppy playing on a green lawn

How dogs actually age (and what that tells us about how we do)

Understanding how dogs age can help us fight human aging.

Someone taking blood from someone else in a doctor's office

New blood test could make Alzheimer’s diagnosis easier than ever

A simple screen may soon be able to detect two common forms of dementia — Alzheimer’s and frontotemporal dementia — and tell them apart.

Image of the NLRP3 protein

Scientists discover switch that controls chronic inflammation and aging

This could help treat or even reverse the development of conditions like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cancer.

Child looking at fish in an aquarium

Have you found meaning in life? Your answer influences your health and well-being

A new study examines meaning in life and its relationship with physical, mental and cognitive functioning.

Brain inflamed stock image

Drugs that quell brain inflammation reverse dementia

‘We can reverse brain aging,’ says UC Berkeley biologist Daniela Kaufer.

Blood cells and glucose floating in vein

Exploring how lipids and cholesterol relate to Alzheimer’s

Though the motor proteins they study may be tiny, professor Jing Xu and her students could make a huge contribution to the study of the disease.

Puzzle piece in brain

Escaping Alzheimer’s

One woman’s resistance to genetic, early-onset Alzheimer’s may hold the key to future therapies.


An alternate theory for what causes Alzheimer's disease

A unique neurological signature not previously identified in patients may provide a path to new, more successful trials.

Two boys playing football

Unmasking concussion with a simple blood test

A blood test that costs a fraction of the price of a brain scan may flag concussion in patients that pass CT tests.

Senior man in a hat playing video games excitedly

Why grandpa and grandma should be playing video games

Online brain exercises can help seniors multitask as well as people 50 years younger.