An alternate theory for what causes Alzheimer's disease

A unique neurological signature not previously identified in patients may provide a path to new, more successful trials.

Two boys playing football

Unmasking concussion with a simple blood test

A blood test that costs a fraction of the price of a brain scan may flag concussion in patients that pass CT tests.

Senior man in a hat playing video games excitedly

Why grandpa and grandma should be playing video games

Online brain exercises can help seniors multitask as well as people 50 years younger.

Young child doing homework with her mother

Alzheimer's gene may impact cognition before adulthood

A new finding suggests a gene linked to Alzheimer's may also be associated with lower IQ scores in childhood.

Man staring at future from his work desk

The future isn’t so golden for California’s next wave of retirees

About half of the state's private sector employees ages 25 to 64 don’t have dedicated retirement assets, a new brief says.

A woman doing yoga outdoors

The ultimate guide to staying safe in the sun

July is UV Safety Awareness Month. Everything you need to know to protect yourself is right here.

Dr. Jenna Lester with a patient

The skin care myth that harms people of color

Everyone can get skin cancer — which surprises some. UC's Skin of Color clinics aim to end health care disparities in dermatology.

A series of Alzheimer plaques

What do dating technology and Alzheimer's have in common?

Artificial intelligence, developed around the same ‘swipe right’ approach we associate with dating apps, could vastly scale up Alzheimer’s research.

Seniors holding hands

Preparing to care for the Baby Boomer wave that’s coming

Scientists examine how wisdom, loneliness, sleep quality and more impact the well-being of older persons.

Someone putting on hand cream

Skin repair reduces ‘inflamm-aging’ factors linked to chronic disease

In a pilot study, treatment with a reparative skin cream lowered cytokine levels which are linked to Alzheimer's and more.