Someone putting on hand cream

Skin repair reduces ‘inflamm-aging’ factors linked to chronic disease

In a pilot study, treatment with a reparative skin cream lowered cytokine levels which are linked to Alzheimer's and more.

UCSF stress meditation group

Can short-term stress make the body and mind more resilient?

A new UCSF study is testing a theory about how much stress is good for us.

A comparison of two brains

Dementia looks different in brains of Latinos

A first-of-its-kind study has uncovered dramatic racial differences in the brains of those with dementia.

Thumbs up from an older woman who is standing

Want to fight heart disease? Stand up.

Too much sitting has been connected to premature mortality, diabetes and more. Now, add heart disease to that list.

Hearing aid adjusted by senior man with senior woman nearby

How hearing impairment is associated with cognitive decline

The impact of mild hearing loss may be lessened by higher education.

Alzheimer's disease as shown in a brain PET scan

Artificial intelligence can detect Alzheimer’s disease in brain scans 6 years before a diagnosis

A machine-learning algorithm diagnosed early-stage Alzheimer’s disease using a common PET scan.

Colorful old man in a chair illustration

The mystery of the super-ager

Researchers are trying to figure out the secret to some elderly people's success.

Older man coping with anxiety

Depression, anxiety may take same toll on health as smoking and obesity

Arthritis, heart disease, stroke — but not cancer — are strongly swayed by psychological status, study finds.

An elderly Asian couple plays a game

Sex chromosomes hold the secret to female longevity

Two X’s and ovaries extend life and protect mice from aging.

Alan Castel reads his book

How to stay healthy and happy through the decades

UCLA’s Alan Castel explains the psychology of successful aging in his new book, “Better with Age.”