Proud UC grad poster

Friends, family and members of the Class of 2020: Show your UC pride!

Lift up UC grads across California with our printable, shareable assets and posters.

Happy young graduate in a stadium

What it means to graduate in 2020: UC’s new grads reflect on the moment

The Class of 2020 graduates at a challenging time. Yet our 58,000 new degree-holders have so much to be proud of, and so much more to look forward to ahead.

Anna Boser studying on the green

Rejection turned out great for UC Berkeley’s top graduating senior

A public health warrior with a sense of purpose and humor wins the 2020 University Medal.

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Growing up: Words of wisdom for the future

With graduation season over, it's time to step into something new. Here's six pieces of invaluable advice from noted alums on shaping the future.

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Diplomas that would not be denied

These four students faced nearly unimaginable obstacles on the way to graduation — and now prepare to help others succeed.

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New grads who took the path less traveled

It's never too late for your future to begin — and these extraordinary new grads prove it.

Lee sisters pose together in the feminine products aisle of a store

Activist, entrepreneur duo ready to throw the ‘pink tax’ overboard

It's a classic American story: Soon-to-be grads Helen and Rachel Lee are fighting to get a tax — on feminine hygiene products — repealed.

Monica Mary Xu English with her diploma, cap and gown

Defying the odds: From foster care to cap and gown

Students find family, belonging and academic success on UC campuses.

Tyler Chen

Top graduating senior an aspiring Elon Musk — minus the tweeting

Iconoclastic bioengineering and materials science major is the winner of the 2019 University Medal.

Meet UC’s 2018 graduates: Californians who are citizens of the world

The Class of 2018 is ready to lead, both at home and abroad.