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Students join UC in advocating for the university

Undergrads are banding together to speak out on issues that affect higher education.

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UC first-generation faculty to students: You’ve got this and we’re here to help

Mentorship program connects students who are the first in the family to college with faculty who have walked in their shoes.

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UC is changing its hiring policy to remove barriers to opportunity

In 'banning the box,' UC makes a change to avoid discouraging qualified previously incarcerated job applicants.

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Growing a true hometown physician

Newly minted UCSF grad Walid Hamud-Ahmed learned a lot about how to be a good doctor by working in his family store.

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Talking science with the fluidity of Pixar

Ph.D. student Sara ElShafie works with Pixar story artists to help her fellow scientists better communicate.

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UC President Janet Napolitano meets with Riverside leaders, alumni

Campus strives to make an impact on regional, national and global economies based on its accessibility.

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Congress restores year-round Pell Grants, protects federal research funding

President Napolitano thanks UC advocates for their involvement in federal budget issues.

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California’s force for research innovation

UC graduate students visit with lawmakers in Sacramento to share bold ideas for tackling California's big challenges.


Filling the health care gap

Hundreds of UCLA medical and dental staff. students volunteer at free clinic for underserved.

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Access to free drinking water in SF neighborhoods driven by new partnership

Over next year, 19 new public water stations will be installed across San Francisco.

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UC tops Washington Monthly rankings

All nine undergraduate campuses named among the best in serving the public interest.

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The rise of UC's startup culture

New Bay Area Council report highlights UC's mammoth economic contribution to the state of California.