Marlen Ríos-Hernández sits on stairs

A Ph.D. in punk? Only at UC Riverside

Doctoral candidate Marlen Ríos-Hernández takes a scholarly approach to the mosh pit.

A Hard Day's Night poster featuring the Beatles

New course on the Beatles comes together

Award-winning filmmaker will teach the band’s story through film, video and interviews with music industry executives.

A character plays with a toy trolley in The Good Place

How a UCLA philosophy professor helped construct ‘The Good Place’

‘The Trolley Problem’ is just one of the thought experiments that make the show tick.

Shakespeare in emoji form

Call me Emoji

‘Moby Dick’ has been translated into emojis. True story. 

The UC ‘September Issue’: Boldly Californian

We combed our campuses for student styles that we admire. Here's what we found.

Margaret Atwood at UC Berkeley

‘Things can change a lot faster than you think,’ says Margaret Atwood, author of ‘The Handmaid's Tale’

The Canadian author discusses how her sci-fi vision has come to reflect incisively on our present and future.

Nalo Hopkinson with other authors

Nalo Hopkinson enters Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman Universe’

Author will pen “House of Whispers,” a new comic series rooted in Afro-Caribbean culture.

Information overload has been around since the 1800s

There are striking similarities between 19th and 21st century mass media consumption habits and their effects on society.

man reads while soaking in a lake

Float away with a good book

There’s nothing better than a good book for that long flight or lazy summer afternoon.

UC Berkeley bells from below

How UC is ringing out the summer

It's far from quiet in the summer months across the campuses of the University of California.