Sabrina Strings with her book

Where does fat phobia come from?

How did we become obsessed with thinness? It has to do with race, says sociologist Sabrina Strings.

Jennifer Doudna of UC Berkeley and Jonathan Weissman of UCSF

UC faculty to Elsevier: Restart negotiations, or else

Thirty academics across UC, including Jennifer Doudna and Nobel Prize-winner Elizabeth Blackburn, will halt editorial duties until a deal is reached.

Street sign that warns, 'Spoiler ahead,'

Hate spoilers? This AI tool spots them for you

Neural networks-based SpoilerNet is designed to catch online spoilers before they catch you off guard.

Waterfall with sunshine

How embracing awe may set you free

Waiting can cause anxiety for almost anyone, but a new study shows how awe can dispel its effects.

A fake President Obama and a real President Obama, as part of deepfake explanation

New technology helps media detect ‘deepfakes’

From wrinkled noses to pursed lips, the distinct quirks in how we speak may hold the key to combating manipulated videos.

Professor lying on top of cereal boxes

The art of nothing

William Davies King has been collecting cereal boxes for 40 years. A new art piece will make them all disappear.

Annabeth Rosen looks at a wall of pictures

How UC Davis’ Temporary Building 9 changed the art world

TB 9 is just a building, but it has nurtured artists at UC Davis and birthed an art movement.

View of a Disneyland coaster with Mickey Mouse on it

Welcome to Disneyland

A new course provides an in-depth look at the world of Disney — from a professor who has taken more than 600 spins on the Matterhorn.

D’Vonte Johnson

With new rig, student can achieve director dream

D’Vonte Johnson is ready to turn auteur, thanks to a student-designed camera rig compatible with cerebral palsy.

Professor holding a clapperboard

Cyber Shakespeare

All UC students can see the Bard's world brought to life in a new online course.