Elvin Hsieh playing the Stradivarius violin that was already owned by UCLA

UCLA receives Stradivarius, Seraphin violins from Twiford Foundation

Having the instruments is a ‘dream,’ says Movses Pogossian, professor of violin.

Oscar statuettes in a row

From Lady Bird to Legally Blonde, UC's starring role in major films

There's been a lot of blue and gold on the silver screen. We hand out awards to some of the most surprising movies that feature UC.

Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton: The great unifier?

America's first ‘Dollyologist’ reflects on how the country singer has become a figure that resonates all over the world.

Moai statues

The mystery of Easter Island revealed?

Rapanui people likely believed the ancient monoliths helped food grow on the Polynesian island, study says.

Pyramid in Egypt

Shedding a new light on Egyptian mummies

Berkeley Lab teams work with Cairo University researchers to study soil and bone samples dating back 4,000 years.

Ginsburg at the Berkeley Law lecture

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg visits campus, inaugurates new lecture series

The iconic justice paid tribute to her late colleague Herma Hill Kay and reflected on the emergence of women in law.

Sabrina Strings with her book

Where does fat phobia come from?

How did we become obsessed with thinness? It has to do with race, says sociologist Sabrina Strings.

Jennifer Doudna of UC Berkeley and Jonathan Weissman of UCSF

UC faculty to Elsevier: Restart negotiations, or else

Thirty academics across UC, including Jennifer Doudna and Nobel Prize-winner Elizabeth Blackburn, will halt editorial duties until a deal is reached.

Street sign that warns, 'Spoiler ahead,'

Hate spoilers? This AI tool spots them for you

Neural networks-based SpoilerNet is designed to catch online spoilers before they catch you off guard.

Waterfall with sunshine

How embracing awe may set you free

Waiting can cause anxiety for almost anyone, but a new study shows how awe can dispel its effects.