Adam Lowdermilk

In the line of fire

Alum Adam Lowdermilk was a successful musician, but the tragic 2018 Camp Fire prompted a leap into firefighting.

Mural of people helping someone on a stretcher

Discovering an icon in plain sight

A history grad student’s research leads to the discovery of Black nurse Biddy Mason in Depression-era murals.

Chess set

Chess is taking over the online video game world — and both are changing from this unlikely pairing

Young, irreverent gamers on Twitch and the ancient world of chess are both transforming as their cultures collide.

Temple of Bel photo

Destroyed ancient temple now open for virtual exploration

The UC San Diego Library digitally reconstructs the famed Temple of Bel in Palmyra, Syria, five years after its destruction.

Frances E.W. Harper, Harriet Tubman and Hallie Quinn Brown

An incomplete victory

The 100th anniversary of women's right to vote is coming up — but not all women benefited.

Ellen DuBois portrait

Historian’s new book traces three generations of suffragists

‘Suffrage: Women’s Long Battle for the Vote’ is timed to celebrate the centennial of women’s right to vote.

Geisel Library at night

Celebrating an iconic library's 50th anniversary

Acclaimed authors come together in livestreamed events to honor the Geisel Library building’s golden anniversary.

Sign language glove

Wearable-tech glove translates sign language into speech in real time

It is inexpensive, flexible and highly durable, UCLA bioengineers say.

Zoltan Hajnal

A nation dangerously divided: How race shapes who wins and who loses in U.S. democracy

New book by Zoltan Hajnal reveals how preferences of black voters are ignored by federal government — and how to fix it.

Aggie volunteer arranging food pickups on the lawn

Photographer creates ‘Pandemic Portraits’

Karin Higgins documents the ‘new normal’ at UC Davis, highlighting the silver lining each photo subject has found in this historic moment.