Greenland ice sheet

Chilling climate revelations from a previous ice age

Major changes in ice and temperatures could cause abrupt transformations elsewhere, study shows.

Nanoletters UC Riverside

Using plants and quantum physics for potential superefficient solar cells

Physicist discovers how to make photocells mimic the way plants maximize their absorption of sunlight.

UC Santa Cruz otter

What UC Santa Cruz is learning about otters

At Long Marine Lab, scientists working to understand the challenges facing marine mammal populations in the wild.

CalWave rides Wave Energy Prize

Two-year competition to accelerate wave energy markets earns CalWave $500,000 to keep iterating.

UC Berkeley green leaves

Crop yield gets boost with modified genes in photosynthesis

Researchers increase plant proteins that result in more efficient use of sunlight.

UC Irvine fireflies

Chasing fireflies from prairie to lab

A summer standby could help decode multicellular interactions in the human body.

Some species of seabirds, including blue petrels, are particularly vulnerable to eating plastic debris at sea.

Why do seabirds eat plastic? The answer stinks

Marine plastic debris is an olfactory trap for seabirds.

UC Berkeley pregnancy

Study finds wide exposure to environmental toxics in cohort of pregnant women

Chemicals are found in mothers and newborns alike, especially in low-income and Latino communities.

The real horror of Frankenstein UC Merced

The real horror of ‘Frankenstein:’ Human extinction

If we actually shared the planet with Mary Shelley's monster, we'd only last about 4,000 years.

UC Davis social monkeys

Can being uncertain of your social rank be bad for your health?

New research suggests that not knowing where you stand takes a serious toll.