Ecology & environment

UC Berkeley elk

Never-before-seen views of elk herds on an incredible journey

With migrations threatened around the world, a professor responds by documenting the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

UC Riverside’s Center for Environmental Research and Technology (CE-CERT) is part of a new University Transportation Center (UTC) that will bring together experts in transportation emissions and public health.

How transportation emissions impact human health

UC Riverside center part of university consortium funded by U.S. Department of Transportation.

UC Davis panda black and white

Why are pandas black and white? UC Davis scientists have the answer

New study explains the animal's unique appearance.

UC Santa Barbara sea lions

A better way to rebuild wildlife populations

Researchers discover a faster way to repopulate predators and prey alike.

Oroville dam UCLA

Oroville Dam crisis could be sign of things to come

California's system of dams and reservoirs isn't ready for climate change, UCLA professor warns.

UC Santa Barbara shark counting

Counting sharks on Palmyra

Scientists visit a pristine island to find out what a healthy population looks like.

UC Irvine glaciers

Canadian glaciers now major contributor to sea level change

Nine times more ice is melting annually due to warmer temperatures, study shows.

UC Berkeley 3-D printing

As 3-D printing grows, so does need to reclaim plastic waste

Two UC Berkeley undergrads work out first-of-its-kind recycling infrastructure on campus.


Become a citizen scientist and help preserve California’s biodiversity

Biology professor leads statewide projects to create 'environmental DNA museum.'