Jerry Brown UC San Diego

New California law to curb climate pollutant emissions based on Scripps science

Gov. Jerry Brown signs into law a 'lifeline' to planet’s 7 billion people, says Scripps researcher.

The images third from the bottom and at the bottom show fruit, vegetables and flowers treated with pathogen gene-targeting RNA molecules. The other images represent various control methods.

Putting mold on hold

Researchers develop strategy that could lead to eco-friendly fungicide to fight pathogens that cause billions in crop losses.

Australian eucalypts are under threat from climate change

Tree of life faces deep cuts from climate change

A new study finds rarer, older lineages may go first when climate change leads some species to extinction.

UC Davis grand canyon

From classroom to canyon

Join students in a journey of science and discovery as they raft down the Grand Canyon in this immersive web experience.

UC Riverside bacteria wild bees

Flowers critical link to bacteria transmission in wild bees

Research shows for the first time that multiple flower and wild bee species share several of the same types of bacteria.

Aerial image showing farming in California's Imperial Valley.

Helping farmers improve air quality

Researchers receive grant to study ways of reducing fertilizer use in high temperature agricultural regions.

Woolly mammoth

A mammoth undertaking

How can de-extinction be made more ecologically responsible?

Paving the way for pathogens

Increases in coastal development and precipitation push a parasite from land to sea. 

UC Santa Barbara rugged beauty

'All this rugged beauty'

Journey into the UC Santa Barbara Nature Reserves as the nation marks the National Park System centennial.

Rio Olympics

Warming world may put most cities off-limits for summer Olympics

Scientists project only three cities in North America could host the games by 2085.