Ecology & environment

UC San Diego ruby seadragon

Researchers capture first glimpse of ruby seadragons in the wild

Nearly two years after a marine biologist team discovered the species, they capture the first glimpse of it in the wild.

UC San Diego endangered sea turtles

Signs of hope for endangered sea turtles in new study

New research will help scientists put together a more effective conservation plan.

UCLA sushi fraud

Bait and switch? Study finds fish fraud runs rampant

Half the time what’s on the menu at LA sushi restaurants is not what’s on your plate.

iRain UC Irvine

How massive was the California storm? Download the iRain app to find out

State-of-the-art rainfall estimation in even remote counties is now freely available.

UC Davis butterfly contest

Butterfly for science, beer for bragging

Professor Art Shapiro's infamous contest — which he's only lost four times — enters its 46th year.

Nemo float

Global warming hiatus disproved — again

Study confirms steady warming of oceans for past 45 years.

Preschoolers from the Orfalea Family Children’s Center at UCSB enter the campus Greenhouse & Garden Project for a lesson in gardening.

'Inside, outside and beyond'

UC Santa Barbara collaboration seeds sustainability in preschoolers.

Donut UC newsroom

The most viral UC research of 2016

UC research comprised 14 of the 100 journal articles that got the most media attention in 2016. Take a look at what got the world talking.

UC Davis killfish

The fish that adapts to lethal levels of pollution

Scientists are studying the Atlantic killfish to understand its secret.

Hummingbird UCLA

UCLA's hummingbird whisperer

200-plus birds flock to researcher who seeks to enjoy and protect them.