Ecology & environment

UC President Napolitano and YLP students from UC Merced

President Napolitano explores UC Merced-Yosemite partnership

Two-day visit provided an up-close look at UC Merced’s partnership with the neighboring national park.

Earth's catastrophic animal loss

Widespread contraction of the planet’s animal life could have harmful effects on human well-being.
Colorado River Basin

Parched West is using up underground water

UC Irvine/NASA study points to grave implications for water supply.

Global wildlife decline driving slave labor, organized crime

Global decline of wildlife populations is driving increases in violent conflicts, organized crime and child labor, according to a policy paper led by UC Berkeley researchers.

Catching grease to cut grill pollution

Students design tray that when placed under grill grates cuts harmful emissions from one pollutant by 70 percent.
giant sea bass

Tallying numbers of giant sea bass

Researchers want recreational divers and snorkelers to report any and all sightings of this once overfished species.
Nox-Out engineering team

Students invent device to cut lawnmower pollution

Device eliminates 93 percent of emissions from lawnmowers, which produce 11 times the air pollution of a new car for each hour of operation.

Satellites reveal possible catastrophic flooding months in advance

River basin storage data from on high are excellent indicators of overflow potential
bees on flower

Why ‘whispers’ among bees sometimes evolve into ‘shouts’

Some Brazilian bees warn would-be competitors that their prime source of food will be fiercely defended if they show up to the site.

Raising an invisible barn

Environmental art project at Sagehen Creek Field Station is designed to provoke questions about the presence of people in nature.