Ecology & environment

Cougar 46m

GPS collar tracks puma's travels to suburbs

Young cat's efforts to establish his own territory took him into the heart of downtown Mountain View.

Scientists look for pathogen that's killing sea stars

UC Santa Cruz monitoring program is helping to pinpoint what's causing decimation of key coastal species.
researcher and kelp

No ocean-borne radiation from Fukushima found

Kelp Watch 2014, a project that tests kelp along the western U.S. coast for signs of radioactive seawater, has found none from the 2011 disaster.
fueling up Honda CR-V

A new miles per gallon rating system

Graduate student works with Motor Trend magazine to create fuel economy ratings for vehicles based on real-world driving, not lab tests.

More extreme heat and drought in coming decades

Ten-degree increases in average high temperatures in some parts of the country are among projections in the National Climate Assessment.
Fig. 1 — Facebook for nature

Facebook for nature

What can the flowers in your garden tell you about climate change? Fig. 1, a new video series, takes a look.
Kathryn Sullivan

Alumna on Time's '100 Most Influential People' list

Former astronaut Kathryn Sullivan '73 now leads NOAA as under secretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere.
elephant seals

Elephant seals shed light on climate changes

High-tech tracking of how and where these ocean creatures live is painting a picture of how ecosystems are influenced.
Eliot Crafton

Avoiding alien marine invaders

UC grad student’s tool maps where non-native species are likely to take hold.

UC wins higher education sustainability awards

Annual awards highlight achievements from UC and California State University campuses that are models for sustainable operations.