Ecology & environment

bees on flower

Why ‘whispers’ among bees sometimes evolve into ‘shouts’

Some Brazilian bees warn would-be competitors that their prime source of food will be fiercely defended if they show up to the site.

Raising an invisible barn

Environmental art project at Sagehen Creek Field Station is designed to provoke questions about the presence of people in nature.

Marine bacteria are natural source of chemical fire retardants

Some natural compounds closely mimic toxic man-made chemicals that disrupt human hormones.

Invasive water snakes may pose risk to state's native species

About 300 have been spotted around the state and are likely pets set free.
James Pitts

James Pitts, 1921-2014

Air pollution pioneer helped clear Los Angeles basin of deadly smog.

Ocean Health Index assesses U.S West Coast states

Loss of salt marshes and sand dunes — two key habitat areas — have negatively impacted carbon storage and coastal protection.

‘California’s blackbird’ in sharp decline

Once numbering in the millions, survey finds that population of songbirds is down to 145,000, a drop of 64 percent since 2008.

Sustainability conference brings together state’s colleges

Annual meeting provides venue for sharing best green practices among UC, CSU, community colleges and private universities.
clay roof tiles

Cleaning the air with roof tiles

Students develop coating that removes up to 97 percent of smog-causing nitrogen oxides.

The energy cost of streaming video

A night of Netflix may create a larger carbon footprint than you'd think.