Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe's long-term clarity trending toward stability

For the last decade, the lake's iconic blue waters have stayed clearer than in past decades, but still haven't reached goals for clarity.

Alumna confirmed as NOAA administrator

Former astronaut Kathryn Sullivan is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's 10th administrator.
girl pumping water

Invention removes arsenic from water

Indian company licenses Berkeley Lab technology for treating contaminated water.
bear cub in tree

Yosemite bears' changing diet of human food

A new study reveals how much of our food has contributed to the diets of Yosemite bears over the past century.

Atmospheric scientist leads U.S. team in joint report on climate change

Inez Fung is one of several esteemed co-authors of a landmark report that summarizes and highlights what is well understood in the field of climate study, and points to areas of uncertainty that require more research.
Arctic ice

Diminishing ice means a darker Arctic

Forty-five years after scientists hypothesized that global warming would make Arctic Ocean surfaces darker, Scripps team determines, through satellite data, how much the planet’s albedo has diminished.
climate change projections

Climate change shifts global species as expected

An international team of scientists tracks how fast and in which direction local climates — and species — have shifted.

More pesticides linked to Parkinson's

A person's genetic makeup could increase his or her chance of developing the debilitating disease two- to six-fold after pesticide exposure.

New technique makes 'biogasoline' from plant waste

One day, you may fill up your tank with gasoline-like fuels made from cellulosic materials such as farm and forestry waste, using a new process invented by chemists at UC Davis.
tobacco smoke

Case against third-hand smoke gets stronger

Third-hand smoke — residue left on household, other surfaces — is linked to hyperactivity, significant damage in liver, lung, and slower healing of wounds.