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Daniela Cusack

Reducing emissions will be primary way to fight climate change

Study: Climate engineering won't sufficiently stem global warming.
Actor Matt Damon, Dr. George Luber, UCLA professor Alex Hall

UCLA prof gives TV viewers bird's-eye view of climate change

Alex Hall, a professor in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, appears on Showtime's “Years of Living Dangerously” to explain how climate change will impact lives.
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Unintended result from curbing invaders

What to do when eradicating invasive species threatens endangered ones? Proceed with a careful balancing act.

Lack of tule fog bodes ill for fruit, nut crops

Winter's shroud is needed to force tree crops into dormancy — it's necessary for budding, setting of fruit.
Sukkertoppen ice cap, Greenland

Greenland will add far more to sea rise than expected

UCI-NASA work reveals long, deep valleys connecting ice cap to the ocean.
preschoolers napping

Hazardous flame retardants found in preschools, child care

Hazardous chemicals — some banned in furnishings for years — are widespread in indoor environments.
polar bears

Polar bear genome gives new insight into adaptations to high-fat diet

The polar bear — recently diverged from its brown cousins — has genes involved in fat metabolism that could provide insights that will help humans deal with health problems caused by high-fat diets.
Cougar 46m

GPS collar tracks puma's travels to suburbs

Young cat's efforts to establish his own territory took him into the heart of downtown Mountain View.

Scientists look for pathogen that's killing sea stars

UC Santa Cruz monitoring program is helping to pinpoint what's causing decimation of key coastal species.
researcher and kelp

No ocean-borne radiation from Fukushima found

Kelp Watch 2014, a project that tests kelp along the western U.S. coast for signs of radioactive seawater, has found none from the 2011 disaster.