Juan Sánchez Muñoz

UC Merced welcomes Juan Sánchez Muñoz as fourth chancellor

The new chancellor will guide the campus in ascending to new heights as a research university.

UC Berkeley campus

UC Regents declare their support for an end to race-blind admissions

UC leaders champion effort to roll back a law they say has long hindered the university's mission of access.

UC student ambassador collage

Wanted: UC students who are ready to speak out

UC’s student ambasssador program is accepting applications from students who want to be a force for good in Sacramento.

Students on SCOTUS steps

Relief and joy abound: DACA recipients react to the Supreme Court victory

For thousands of UC DACA students, yesterday was the news they have been daring to hope for: that they can continue their educations, remain in their communities and keep contributing in their fields, from health care to education.

Zoltan Hajnal

A nation dangerously divided: How race shapes who wins and who loses in U.S. democracy

New book by Zoltan Hajnal reveals how preferences of black voters are ignored by federal government — and how to fix it.

Cardullo performing an experiment on himself

Professor’s own body becomes physiology lab during pandemic

Adapting to remote learning, professor Rich Cardullo is performing all the experiments for his course on himself.

Proud UC grad poster

Friends, family and members of the Class of 2020: Show your UC pride!

Lift up UC grads across California with our printable, shareable assets and posters.

Happy young graduate in a stadium

What it means to graduate in 2020: UC’s new grads reflect on the moment

The Class of 2020 graduates at a challenging time. Yet our 58,000 new degree-holders have so much to be proud of, and so much more to look forward to ahead.

Photographer facing camera with a camera

Is now the time to be your own boss?

Seven alumni on finding purpose and what to know before you become your own boss.

Carol Greider

Nobel Prize-winner Carol Greider to join UC Santa Cruz faculty

Known for her pioneering work on telomeres, Greider brings exceptional research and leadership skills to campus.