Chairs in a classroom

Taking a stand against prolonged sitting

Stretch breaks and more open classrooms could lower health risks for students and faculty.

High school students texting in class

Surviving the era of unlimited distraction

A team of scientists is helping teenagers learn to calm and focus their minds.
Family sits on the couch together

Spreading hope and healing for fragile X syndrome

Doctors offer families support in a region of the world just beginning to recognize let alone treat the condition.

Women standing for anthem at basketball game

150 years of women at the University of California

UC Berkeley celebrates the 150th anniversary of the enrollment of women on campus.

Smoke stacks

A teaching tool for a warming world

A new digital platform helps teachers in disciplines from psychology to literature incorporate climate change into their curricula.

UC Riverside young woman student holds a vote sign next to the vote goat

Students: Flex your political power. It starts by registering to vote.

Younger voters could have a huge impact on the results in 2020 — but only if they register and vote.

Susan Whitfield-Gabrieli at computer

Brain scans could flag children’s future mental health problems

The findings could pave the way for earlier, more effective diagnoses of attention deficit disorder and more.

Three nursing team members on the streets near Civic Center

Nursing the streets

Students in the nursing program provide essential ‘bridge care’ to people experiencing homelessness.

Children raising their hands

Are students breathing good air?

A new study from Berkeley Lab/UC Davis finds many California classrooms don't have sufficient ventilation.

Kids run through an outdoor hallway

California students to get later school start, thanks to UC Berkeley alum

Two alums played a crucial role in the development of a new law that pushed back California school start times.