Woman confused by what's on her computer

Spotting misinformation online via artificial intelligence

Computer scientist William Wang’s deep learning project aims to understand the spread of online misinformation.

Vets gathered around a video camera

A new opportunity for veterans to realign with civilian life

A four-day seminar focusing on helping veterans access higher education and career pathways kicks off this summer.

Young woman holding a coffee going up the escalator

Growing up: Words of wisdom for the future

With graduation season over, it's time to step into something new. Here's six pieces of invaluable advice from noted alums on shaping the future.

Students on the UC Berkeley campus

UC’s ambitious plan to help more students earn a degree

The University of California looks to produce 1.2 million UC graduates by 2030.

Mischievous boy holds ice cream and broccoli

How to make your kid like broccoli

Recency bias is the parenting technique you've been missing.

Lee sisters pose together in the feminine products aisle of a store

Activist, entrepreneur duo ready to throw the ‘pink tax’ overboard

It's a classic American story: Soon-to-be grads Helen and Rachel Lee are fighting to get a tax — on feminine hygiene products — repealed.

LGBTQ at work webinar banner

UC Virtual Career Series: Bringing your authentic LGBTQ self to work

UC Irvine alumna Krystianne Avedian shares her insights on career and identity. Learn more in our June 11 webinar.

Amber in front of a fountain

What's in a name?

New tool streamlines students' ability to express their preferred name, gender and orientation across campus.

Child napping at desk

Midday naps increase children's happiness and IQ

Academic performance went up by as much as 7.6 points, researchers say.

Anna Ocegueda with her parents

UC Merced student pays tribute to her farmworker parents in a viral photo

Anna Ocegueda's parents came to the U.S. for a better life. Her snapshot of what that looks like inspired Twitter.