Student veterans hanging out at the resource center

Former Navy jet tech takes student veterans under her wing

UC San Diego’s Student Veterans Resource Center serves diverse military-connected students.

Woman writing on a board

10 tips for creating a meaningful second career

Looking for a career change? Reentering the workforce after taking time off? Here's how to navigate the process.

Rene Amel Peralta and sister at graduation

From a life in poverty to a career in medicine, thanks to DACA

UC Irvine alum Rene Amel Peralta wants to serve his community as a physician. That dream will be in jeopardy if the DACA program ends.

Tired student doing homework

Using stimulants to cram for exams ruins sleep and doesn't help test scores

Students looking to gain an academic edge by taking Adderall and other stimulants will find it backfires.

Group of women in STEM

Everyone stumbles. The trick is getting back up.

Real-world advice from some trailblazing first-gen women in STEM.

Frustrated young child

Dyslexia, other learning challenges are focus of new $20M initiative

UCSF and UC Berkeley join forces to understand dyslexia and other specific neurodevelopmental differences that impact learning.

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8 tips to hack college

Starting college can feel overwhelming, but with a few simple tips you'll soon be right at home.

Students walking on campus

New UC students share their hopes and dreams

We check in with nine of our newest arrivals as they launch into their journeys at UC.

Big Boy the cat sitting outside

The cat. The myth. The legend

Big Boy, the unofficial campus cat, thrives thanks to an informal but comprehensive caretaking system.

Working in the lab on the mini-brain launch

How UC spends the summer months

For the University of California, summer is a time to be unusually experimental, adventurous and productive.